LesGaiCineMad, Madrid LGBTI+ International Film Festival is running since 1996. With an estimated audience of more than 14,000 spectators, more than 120 films shown every year, press coverage, panels, Labs, Industry guests and filmmakers from all over the world attenfing, it is the most important festival in Madrid an a reference among LGBTI+ Film Festivals in the Spanish Speaking Countries.

Jury Awards:
A professional Jury will award around 15 prizes in the different categories with an Official Diploma certifying it. Among them, some including Cash Prizes to support the Short Industry:
Best Feature Film
Best Director
Best Acting
Best Screenplay

Best International Short Film: 500€
Best Spanish Short Film: 500€

Best Documentary
Best Documentary Short: 500€
Best Direction

Best Dissident Film 300€

Audience Awards:

Best Feature Film (Official Section and Panorama International)
Best Documentary
Best Documentary Short
Best Short Film
Best Dissident Film

The films may be eligible for other upcoming awards (Awards in our extensions or from our sponsors).


The International LGBTIQ Madrid Film Festival accepts films of all nationalities with LGBTIQ themes, which may be eligible for the various sections of the festival: Feature Films (Official Section and Panorama International), Short Films, Documentaries and Dissident Cinema (Experimental and non-conforming in substance and/or form) The works must not have previously premiered in Spanish cinemas, been broadcast on Spanish television or made available to the public on the Internet or any other media in Spanish territory prior to the festival, and must have been copyrighted no earlier than 1/1/2022. All feature films must be yet unreleased in the Community of Madrid; in the case of the shorts films, this will not be considered a prerequisite, but will be considered positively. The organization reserves the right to include films that do not meet these conditions in the program, albeit not a part of the Festival’s official contest.

The films may be eligible for other upcoming awards (Awards in our extensions or from our sponsors).
The Cash Awards are considered as screening fees for further extensions of LesGaiCineMad in Spain, Africa or Latin America.


Films may be submitted before July 15th through the Filmfreeway and Festhome platforms. These platforms can have a cost. There is no fee for films from Spain; Latin American films can have a 50% discount using this code: LAT2023 (for films from countries in which Spanish is the official language).

Work In Progress will be accepted, provided the finalized copy of the film is made available before September 15th. If online viewing is not possible, contact us for further instructions.


Acceptable formats for screening (in order of preference) are: digital formats (ProRes HD, AVI HD, MP4 HD) and physical formats (Blu Ray). No DVDs are accepted for screening. The DCP format will only be accepted if audio or subtitles are available in Spanish. The festival will not return any physical materials used for display unless prepaid postage is provided.


Notification will be sent before October 15th 2022 by email or through the platform to the address indicated on the application form. If you have any questions you may write us to confirm the status of your work.
In case of submitting any material and not having response from the submitter if the film is selected, the festival will proceed to its screening understanding the submission as a will of participance.


Promotional extracts (up to 4 minutes) of the programmed titles may be made and used for theatres, Internet, television or other promotional formats. The material provided by the director may be used for promotional purposes or for the festival catalogue. LesGaiCineMad Organization must be informed in writing of any restrictions in regard to materials.


LesGaiCineMad assumes no liability for damage or loss of material during transportation. If damages occur during the festival, the organization will be limited to bear the costs of repair or replacement of the copy. The festival is not responsible for any offenses related to copyright, these being the sole responsibility of those submitting the work.

Overall Rating
  • Danisa Munguia

    Gracias por el estreno en Madrid del Cortometraje "Sentirse Bien"! Todo ha salido hermoso, me hubiese gustado poder viajar para el estreno pero no pude en esta ocasión. Gran festival!

    November 2022
  • Gisela Chicolino

    A festival like it is really a necessary one. Please keep working on generating this exquisite programming for the audiences.

    December 2021
  • 2iguales Films

    The screening of our short film was amazing. This festival is a must.

    February 2021
  • Rachel Gawie

    It was an exciting and successful experience! The whole staff was lovely and pleasant. It was my movie's premiere PULSE, and it was definitely a worthwhile and fun festival.

    December 2019
  • Ben Edelberg

    Excellent programming. I'd love to attend in the future.

    December 2019