Leeds Queer Film Festival will take place over four days in March 2024. We screen short and feature length films in all genres. We are currently the only queer DIY festival in the UK and have been running since 2005.

Festival Aims
We create spaces to showcase queer cinema with a focus on independent and DIY films. We screen films that elevate and prioritise the voices and work of those most marginalised within our LGBTQ+ communities.
LQFF is run by unpaid volunteers and we are not for profit; money raised from our festival goes towards future events and supporting queer filmmakers. We aim to make our events as friendly, affordable, accessible and inclusive as we can. By bringing people together and building links, we hope to strengthen our communities.

Audience Award cash prize

We only screen films with subtitles (even those originally in English). Please ensure you submit a captioned version of your film or can create one if your film is selected.

Please only complete this form if you have the authority or permission to submit this film, and if you have the intention to have your film screened at our festival if it is selected.

Overall Rating
  • Beautiful film festival! Thank you for screening our clients Art & Pep (dir. Mercedes Kane) and Empress Clawscream (dir. Stephen T Lally)

    May 2023
  • Incredibly kind, warm and welcoming staff and environment. It was an honour to present my short at this festival, and I'd love to come back in the future!

    April 2023
  • I love this festival, even if I could not attend so far. Must be lovely people there! :)

    April 2023
  • I had a wonderful time showing Waiting for Otto at LQFF! Brilliant team behind it and wonderfully curated films :)

    April 2023
  • John Currie

    Great communications throughout, well done

    May 2020