More than just a contest ... a valuable help to make your film talk. Shares on social networks, dediées pages, official logos to insert and finally: a projection in a cinema in Paris for the winners!

The contest is open to all: professionals, amateurs, you can even shoot a movie with your smartphone if you want (... avoid anyway ...)

No constraint, no subject imposed, if not the Duration = a short film, it is less than 30 minutes.


1-Event Information:

The contest promotes first artistic creation in the fields of the cinema of fiction, animation, documentary and video clip, dealing with any theme or subject. The purpose of this event is to highlight the independent film culture and to highlight the young filmmakers by offering them various valuable elements that they need to be able to continue in the cinema.
All the selected will present their work in front of the public present during the official projection.
On the evening of the projection, 2 trophies will be awarded during the performance of the show: "Best Director", "Best Film".
The jury will be made up of five people, plus a president. The choice of winners will be decided upstream and announced on the evening of the projection.
The event will take place in September 2018 (The exact date will be announced in May 2018)
Ursulines Studio

10 rue des Ursulines, 75005 Paris.

2-Conditions of admission:

The contest is open to all.
No age limit.
The film must be produced and produced in the following frameworks: Independent director, professional production, Film Club or association, collective of Artists, graduate studies in art, film school, cinema-audiovisual section.
No theme is imposed To register a film at the festival. Films containing pornographic scenes or encouraging racial hatred, violence or any form of theme that violate the law are excluded.
The implementation must not exceed 30 minutes (including generics).
Non-French short films must be subtitled in English or French.
The short film must have been completed after 31 December 2015.

Applications must be sent via the FilmFreeway platform (participation fee of 10 euros).
Registrations take place July 10, 2017 to May 31, 2018 (inclusive). As this deadline has passed, it will be impossible to post an application.
Only one film allowed per candidate.

The results will be publicly announced on the event's website, the 01 August 2018.
The candidates and the holders of the films selected for the ceremony undertake not to remove the films from the official program after its announcement.
5-film copy for projection:

The selected directors will have to send a reproduction of their film by DVD, USB key or Web transfer in the following format:. MPEG/. WMV/. AVI/. M2T/. MP4/. MOV to the address shown below.
Anyone who has recorded a film will be held responsible for making the copy available to be screened at the festival in case of selection.
Any selected film consignment is the responsibility of the right-holders, the copies of which may be recovered on the evening of the event.
6-Communication and press:

In case of selection, the festival organisation reserves the right to broadcast an excerpt of the work received in the form of a trailer, on various communication media.
Each participant will be given a dedicated card on the official website of the contest as well as on social networks.
The contest reserves the right to broadcast photographs of the film for promotion purposes.

Any application for registration implies acceptance of these conditions.
The films received and selected will not in any way be the subject of use for advertising or commercial purposes.
The candidates must own the music and video rights of the films they send. In case of doubt, the competition management may request a certificate from the author to verify that the rights are in his possession. Any breach of these rules is the responsibility of the author and may result in the immediate suspension of the film.
8-The films rewarded:

The organisation of the event is in no way responsible for the sending or making available of the award for any director or assign-right who is not present at the ceremony which will be held in September 2018 and whose film would be rewarded.
9-Derogations and disputes:

The Court's springboard, responsible for the organisation of the event, is the only legal entity authorized to settle the points not provided for in the regulation and to grant exceptionally derogations. Any challenge to the present terms of the regulation, accepted without reservation by the candidate, relating to their application and their interpretation shall be submitted to the competent courts of Lille, the applicable law being the French law.

The members of the festival Organization reserve the right to cancel the event, in case of a major problem independent of their will.