The Landjäger Short Film Festival 2023
June 29, 2023 at the Gartenbaukino Vienna

You're hot shit, but no one understands you? We're going to make you big. At least for a very, very short time.

So capture the best 12 seconds of your life and send them to us for the big screen!
We promise: There will be lots of great stuff for jury and audience winners again in 2023. For everyone else, fame, rum and love, love, love and the best show in the Gartenbaukino Vienna. Because the Landjäger loves you. Love him too.


12 seconds


Quicktime video or mp4 is ideal Please no videos in wmv format.


Submit your film in one of these 4 categories:
Love / Money / Panic / Secret


June 04, 2023, 23:59


Please send in your films without opening and closing credits. We will do that.

Please name your film data like this: film_name_first_name_last_name

The rights for the used music and the image rights must be with you or you must have the rights of use and subsequently the publication rights for it.

By participating you confirm that you have the consent of all contributors to publish your film. By participating, Landjäger Magazine is granted the (non-exclusive) rights to use the video.

And please don't be angry: we will only show a selection of all 12 second films! If your short film makes it to the public vote on the homepage, it will also be shown at the Gartenbaukino.