The Laceno d’Oro International Film Festival 2020 announces three contest categories: feature films, short and medium-length films and documentaries.
The Festival is organized by the Cinematographic Culture Association ImmaginAzione in Avellino (Italy) from 6 to 13 December 2020.


Selected films will be presented to the audience during the Laceno d'Oro International Film Festival 2020, which will take place in Avellino from 6 to 13 December 2020. The screenings will take place according to the schedule set by the Festival commission and will be communicated in advance to the authors.
In the case of any problem due to the COVID-19 health emergency, the Festival will take into consideration streaming on specialized platforms, which will replace or integrate the screenings in theatres. In such case, the Festival will inform the participants about all the necessary technical specifications and, in agreement with authors and producers, the works will be visible for a limited period of time and according to the procedure required by the chosen platform.
Circolo ImmaginAzione will appoint three technical panels of judges (one for feature films, one for short films and another for documentaries), including artists and experts with artistic and professional backgrounds in the Film Industry. Each panel will evaluate selected works based on their cinematographic and aesthetic quality, along with the style and the rendition of the theme.
In addition, there will be a popular jury composed by viewers selected by the Festival organization, which will award the Audience Award.

The awards:

• Laceno d’oro 45 Award for Best Full-Lenght Film

• Laceno d’oro Award "Occhi sulla città" for Best Short Movie

• Laceno d’oro DOC for Best Documentary

• Audience Award

Due to the emergency situation, which also affects the financing and promotion of public events, the Association retains the right to give notice of the potential amount of each prize after some time but, in any case, before the start of the Festival through official press releases and with all means of advertising available.

The withholding taxes provided for by Italian legislation will be applied to the prizes.


The call is open to movies produced and shot in any video format, regardless of the genre, and completed after the 1st of January 2019.
Works with a previous release in Italian cinemas or any online distribution, like streaming, in the Italian territory, will be excluded. National Previews will be prioritized.
Contest categories:

1) CONTEST LACENO D’ORO 45, for medium and full-length films OVER 52’ minutes.

2) CONTEST “Gli occhi sulla città” (short-movies UNDER 52’ minutes, including end credits (from now on, in this call, we will refer to this category as short films).

• Each work will have to deal with issues related to urban spaces, environment and landscape in his own peculiar way. This “topic” can be discussed in total freedom. Each work, however, will have to question the extent to which moviemaking can tell, describe or even “predict” and outline contemporary cities transformations, their scenarios, perspectives and issues. Contestants are allowed to approach this topic in their own creative and original way.

3) CONTEST LACENO D’ORO DOC, for documentaries of any length, with no theme restrictions. Documentaries which will stand out for their experimental and innovative approach will be privileged.

All movies must be submitted, according to the submission details included in this call, no later than September 15th, 2020, under penalty of exclusion.


Candidates can submit their works by filling the form available on the Festival official website:
All movies must be uploaded on a video sharing platform (youtube, vimeo, etc.), protected by password or not indexed, if possible downloadable (if there is a password to the link, please let us know by writing it in the form, along with the link to the video). The link must be active, at least, until December 13th, 2020.
Alternatively, participants can submit their entry via FilmFreeway. (
For 2020 edition, due to the current COVID-19 emergency, no admission fee will be required.
Considering the closing date of the call for application (September 15th, 2020), the date of submission to the email or the date of registration on the FilmFreeway platform will prevail.
Authors and/or Producers are accountable for their own work contents and declare, by submitting their works, they have fulfilled any obligation with third parties in terms of copyright.
If you have any question, please contact our administrative office ( ).


Among the works received within the deadline, according to the procedure laid down in this call, we will select 10 feature films, 20 short movies and 10 documentaries. All works will be selected by our festival Commission which includes members elected by Circolo ImmaginAzione. If an author submits more than one work, only one movie will be taken into consideration.


The festival will not take charge of rental costs for the films selected in the competition.
For feature films and documentaries, the expected screening format is preferably DCP, but other formats can be agreed with the organization of the Festival.
The film screening copy, along with an extra Blu-ray, must be delivered to the Festival offices no later than November 16th, 2020, following the instructions which will be provided by the Festival organization. The copy must be sent to the following address:

Laceno d’Oro Film Festival,
c/o Roulette Agency,
Via Verdi n. 9 – 83100 Avellino

As for short movies, the screening file must have a minimum resolution of 1920X 1080 in AVI, MOV, MP3, MPG. The Festival organization may reserve the right to ask for a PAL format DVD.
In case any film needed subtitles, contestants will have to provide the complete list of dialogues and the list of subtitles (if applicable) in one of the following languages: Italian, English, French, possibly in .srt format or with timecode.
We will also need information about the film, the author, the producers and the plot, along with some pictures, for the Festival catalogue.
Postal and delivery costs of the screening copy will be charged to the sender. As far as the return is concerned, Laceno d’oro Festival will cover the cost from Avellino to any destination. If, after the screening at our Festival, the copy will be required by another Festival, postal and delivery costs will be charged to the applicant. In any case, Laceno d’oro is intended to cover the cost of one single transport of the copy.


By submitting their entry, both authors and producers accept all the rules in this call.
The Authors and Producers, while remaining the only copyright holders, allow Circolo ImmaginAzione the right to show/stream their films in theatres and/or online for free during Laceno d’oro Festival 2020, as well as other cultural events of the Association to promote its activity. Furthermore, the authors grant Circolo ImmaginAzione the right to use one or more images taken from their movies to promote the Festival and for any other communication and activity linked to the Association, on condition that the artist is cited.
Circolo ImmaginAzione retains the right not to show or publish any content or work which will be deemed defamatory and obscene.
Authors and Producers, by participating in such competition, declare they have the rights to use any musical track and non-original video sequence that may be featured in their films. Circolo ImmaginAzione assumes no responsibility for any copyright infringement.
Authors and Producers also allow Circolo Immaginazione the processing of their personal data in accordance with the Law 675/96 (Legge sulla Privacy) and subsequent amendments in accordance with D.lgs 196/2003 (Codice Privacy), also for the purpose of inclusion in databases managed by the aforementioned association.
All disputes, which will be dealt with in Italy and according to the Italian law, shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the Court of Avellino.

Overall Rating
  • One of the best festivals where we had the opportunity to be a part. Thanks for everything...

    January 2021
  • 李 子祎

    very cool festival and team !

    January 2021
  • Flora Nakazone

    I had a wonderful experience with Laceno! Very warm people, they made me feel part of the festival, even far away. Thank you very much for the attention and for the "Gli occhi sulla città" prize

    January 2021
  • Irene Von Dorigotti

    was a great time.. i such a pitty the pandemic condition

    December 2020
  • Stefano Miraglia

    Superb festival, with a great team and curatorial work.

    December 2020