We have been running since 2016, now happy to be on FilmFreeway. We are honestly located in Los Angeles County. We TRULY love Sci-Fi, and are also VERY partial to Horror, Art, Films, and pretty much any film you wish to enter. We won't reject you if your film is not straight Sci-Fi, but that is our first love.

We have run a small live event around the Valley area of Los Angeles (yes, two of the judges ARE proud valley girls), and we expect to greatly expand the event in 2022.

AGAIN.... No live event until 2022... this virus and mask mandate is still enforced in Los Angeles... though it is getting better!

We also have merchandise available on the website.

Winners will receive a free digital certificate, and for a small fee, you can purchase a trophy through our website. We keep entry costs down this way, so if you don't actually want a trophy, that's ok with us.

Once a year in July, we have a live event in Los Angeles where we will hand out the Grand Jury Prize Awards.

The main winner for Best Picture (Grand Jury Prize) receives a large Gold Statue valued at $400.

Additional 4 other winners will receive a smaller Statue for Best Actor (male, female or otherwise), Best Writer, Best Composer and Best Director.

To qualify for the Grand Jury Prizes, you have to be entered into the LA Sci-fi Jury Awards. Jury awards are also given with each season, and will then qualify you for the Grand Jury Prize Awards in July

NOTE: Entry into the Europa, Leviathan, etc Awards does not qualify you for any of the Jury prizes at the end of the year

Sponsored prizes will re-commence in 2022, when the virus issue goes away.

We announce winners for each season Spring, Summer, Fall (autumn) and Winter. What this means is every 3 months, you can win an award and receive a certificate, even for the Jury awards (but NOT the Grand Jury Prize)

We will be having a LIVE awards ceremony event in July of every year. At this event, we will be awarding the Los Angeles Grand Jury Prizes.

To qualify for the Grand Jury Prize of Best Picture; Best Actor (male, female or otherwise); Best Writer; Best Director; Best Composer, you MUST be entered in the Seasonal Jury Awards during the year. (In other words, enter the Jury prize to QUALIFY for the Grand Jury prize)

If you win for the Jury Awards, you are automatically in the running for the Grand Jury Prize in July.

For all other seasonal awards:

There are 5 judges. In the event of a tie, there can be 2 winners.

Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze Awards are offered.

All wins are final.

We now ONLY accept online screeners, via FF or links to other services like Vimeo, but only with a valid FilmFreeway reference.

Your film does not need to be a US premiere. We are open to films made anytime during the 21st Century

Right now, we DON'T do any actual screenings, BUT if you wish to attend the awards ceremony, that is awesome... but expect this NOT to happen until the virus clears.

Thank you and we look forward to seeing your film.

Overall Rating
  • A big HEARTFELT thank you to the L.A. SCI-FI & HORROR Festival for selecting my faith-base/horror screenplay "At The Mercy Of Faith" as the Europa Platinum Award winner. This Award has inspired, encouraged and motivated me to continue writing and believing... HARDWORK and total commitment..... truly does payoff.

    September 2021
  • Awesome Film Festival ! Would recommend to Filmmaking Friends.

    August 2021
  • Piero Cannata

    Wonderful festival with many interesting categories. I'm very excited to receive the H. G. Wells Award for Best Writer. Thanks for everything and see you soon!

    August 2021
    Response from festival:

    Thank You

  • Great Film Festival. We won "Best Micro Movie" award for our film "Meeting A PS5 Scalper", and we're extremely happy that we were selected by LA Sci-Fi & Horror Festival.

    August 2021
    Response from festival:

    Thank You

  • Dwight Steven-Boniecki

    It was already an honor to be selected for the festival, but it was an even bigger honor to win an award. Receiving an award in the City of Angels fulfills a life dream I have had since I was a young child. Thank you! My only regret that I was unable to attend in person.

    August 2021
    Response from festival:

    Thank You