We have been running since 2016, now happy to be on FilmFreeway. We are committed to the future of humanity through Science Fiction and Science-based documentaries. We honor those who are committed to creating visions and concepts that inspire future generations. We also are very welcoming to horror and fantasy films under our leviathan category

The Los Angeles Science Fiction Film Festival is open entrants from all over the world. Based in the film industry capital of the world, we endeavour to showcase the great talent in both the Science Fiction and Horror genres.

We are honestly located in Agoura Hills California. We TRULY love Sci-Fi, and are also VERY partial to Horror, Art, Films, and pretty much any film you wish to enter. We won't reject you if your film is not straight Sci-Fi, but that is our first love. Political-style documentaries are also exciting to us.

The festival live event attendance fee for this year is $64 and this includes all screenings, the guest speaker event and the awards ceremony. Accommodation, food and drinks not included

In July, the main winner for Best Picture (Grand Jury Prize) receives a large Gold Statue valued at $400.

All other winners attending the live event festival will receive a smaller trophy free of charge

Otherwise: All winners are welcome to order trophies at anytime for a low fee. We make a 10% mark-up on the base cost of the trophies (physical costs, printing, postage and staff cost), so please understand we offer this as a service to you.

The Europa Prizes are for any style of film, are more artistic in nature

The Leviathan Prizes are for horror films and similar dark themed films.

The H.G. Wells Prizes are for Science Fiction films

The Jury Prizes are for any style of film
The Europa Prizes are for any style of film.

The Leviathan Prizes are for horror films and similar dark themed films.

The H.G. Wells Prizes are for Science Fiction films

The Jury Prizes are for any style of film that are more artistic in nature

There are 5 judges. In the event of a tie, there can be 2 winners.
Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze Awards are offered.
All wins are final. All winners will receive a digital certificate.
We now ONLY accept online screeners, links to other services like Vimeo, etc.
We are working in conjunction with another festival organization to have
Your film does not need to be a US premiere. We are open to films made anytime during the 21st Century.
We will be screening films at the festival and would prefer .mov, .mp4, .m4v etc files with H264 or H265 encoding in HD or 4k. NO SD files please.
If you enter the festival, there is NO guarantee that you will get a screening or win an award. We have a LOT of entries. If you get selected for a screening at the festival, you will be notified 2-3 weeks before the festival event.
Please note: We are NOT a publicity company and we cannot promote your film, script, etc, beyond the realm of our festival and its twitter account. Do not expect us to review or publicize your entry beyond where we are at in the festival.
Thank you and we look forward to seeing your film.

Overall Rating
  • I'm truly honored to have my science fiction thriller, “TELEPORTATION SECURITY ADMINISTRATION”, selected as a Semi-Finalist in 2023. My horror feature, “BOX OF GLASS”, won the LEVIATHAN AWARD for Best Unproduced Screenplay in the 2022 festival! Thank you for enjoying my screenplays!

    February 2023
    Response from festival:

    Thank You Kevin

  • Sunny Mabrey

    So very cool to be selected and chosen for the EUROPA PRIZE Micro Movie award at this festival. Super professional folks and an awesome experience.

    August 2022
    Response from festival:

    Thank You Sunny

  • yigit aksu

    Such a nice specific festival, thats a lot for the Jury prize :)

    August 2022
  • SherLann D. Moore

    Awesome festival! The team goes above and beyond to deliver a professional and quality film festival. Thank you, L.A. Sci-Fi Horror Festival, for the phenomenal experience!

    August 2022
  • I'm so happy to win one of the categories! I heartily recommend this festival to anyone, and I'm sure I will be recommending it to friends who write. "L.A. Sci-Fi & Horror Festival" is a great value for the money, and a smartly done festival.

    August 2022