We welcome you to the third annual edition of KREMFEST, a multi-day celebration of forward-thinking electronic music & multimedia at the Kremwerk / Timbre Room Complex! Kremwerk is widely known as a vortex of creativity and with the addition of our Timbre Room venue and pizza place, Little Maria's, we are a growing complex of possibilities. With Kremfest we are hoping to continue to provide the amazing platforms to local, national and international talent to exhibit their creative passion that our city has become known for, and pay homage and respect to those who have paved the way.

For the Virtual Reality segment of our festival, we are looking for submissions of VR/Virtual Reality footage and pieces. The selected VR links will be compiled into a playlist that festival attendees will experience via PSVR. Send a download of your work so we can feature it on our Youtube channel after the festival!

Content wise the festival is looking for pieces that will be fitting with our live electronic music acts, so VR that Requires audio will be less preferential. Think more experiential than narrative. This is a great opportunity to show work that wouldn't be as cohesive to a traditional film festival.

The more creative, trippy, unique, the better!

Inclusion in our promotional material (facebook, instagram, and website), work being exhibited and experienced in an immersive space outside of the traditional film festival format, and permanent listing on our youtube channel.

No full nudity, no intense violence or bigotry. PLEASE ONLY SUBMIT VIRTUAL REALITY PIECES. Anything that is not VR/Virtual Reality will be disqualified. The piece must be formatted to play in Virtual Reality experience and be a full 3d/immersive experience.

Overall Rating
  • Tanya So

    Happy to be a part of Kremfest! Thanks for having us on the board!!!

    October 2017
  • Pakapol Rajchawong

    Very unique, stylish and artistic.

    October 2017