Welcome to KinderDocs international documentary festival for children and young persons in Greece. KinderDocs is the documentary festival of award-winning films made for children and teenagers, as well as their friends, teachers, and parents, running all year long in Greece at the Benaki Museum in Athens. Discover the magic of documentaries, explore new ways of communication, get inspired by stories we all care about, have fun. Each film is a story on teenage life – friendship, family, education, social media, creativity, art, music, dance, psychology, migration, environment – an opportunity to enter the colourful world of kids and teenagers, a platform for constructive dialogue and after- screening events, building tomorrow’s thinking viewers today. Founded in 2016 by Dimitra Kouzi.
KinderDocs offers also school screenings for schools in Greece and Cyprus, held on weekday mornings. School screenings are supplemented by exciting film-inspired discussions and activities facilitated by distinguished guests.
KinderDocs events are a great way for modern educators to enrich their teaching practice through documentary as well as to train students in media literacy. All films carry appropriate age ratings and are screened in the original language(s). KinderDocs Toolkit provides practical classwork activities and tips on preparing students for screenings, as well as guidance for the follow- up exploration of the KinderDocs experience.

KinderDocs Best Short Documentary Award
KinderDocs Best Feature-Length Documentary Award

KinderDocs encourages submission of high-quality documentary films and creative documentaries made for children and young audiences.

Submit your documentary (short, feature film and/or animation) for festival consideration.

KinderDocs presents two programmes: a public programme for families and a dedicated programme for schools. We reserve the right to decide in which section your Film will screen, if not in both.

KinderDocs is held at the Benaki Museum in beautiful Athens, Greece, since 2017.

The terms and conditions (“Terms”) below govern the submission of films (the “Film” and/or “Entry”) for consideration for KinderDocs Festival 2023 (the “Festival”):

The 8th edition of KinderDocs Festival takes place in Athens, Greece, in Fall 2023.

KinderDocs accepts submissions of films addressed to children and young persons aged 6–18 and families. Submission of films that appeal across all ages is encouraged.

Please specify the appropriate age range (i.e. ages 6 to 15). If the film is suitable for adults as well as children, please state so.

Please recommend a specific age group (3+, 6+, 13+), if applicable.

You can submit more than one film. We want to see your work, and welcome as many submissions as you’d like to send us.

Once we receive your film through FilmFreeway, you will receive an automated notification. Following that, on or around the official notification date, you will receive a formal letter of acceptance from KinderDocs with next steps indicated.

Non-eligible: Films that have been broadcast on the internet or available for download in any capacity are not eligible for submission. However, films available online via secure password-protected sites are eligible.

Submission Guidelines and Materials

Films that have premiered internationally since September 2021 are eligible for submission.

Please state the international premiere of your Film (date & festival) and any awards.

The Film must/will not have premiered in any other festival, event screening or online within the Greek territory before the Festival (except for the Thessaloniki Documentary Festival). If the film has already had a Greek premiere, please specify when and where, and KinderDocs will proceed to consider your Film taking this into account.

Each Film may be submitted only once.

Films may be submitted in any language; however, if the Entry contains dialogue or narration in a language other than English, the Entry must be subtitled in the English language.

Submissions will be considered for the KinderDocs Audience Award.

Entry Fees
Submission is free of charge.

Mentioning participation

Producers and distributors of participating and awarded films in above mentioned competitions, are requested to mention this fact in future promotional materials. The appropriate logos will be made available through our Press department.

Submission Guidelines and Materials


The film must be entered online on filmfreeway.com.

Submission Deadlines
Submissions open on 20 April 2023. The Deadline for submissions is 2 June 2023.

The festival is not obliged to view entries that are received after these dates.

Submission material must be available for the entire submission period. KinderDocs cannot consider any updates or edits to a film that has already been submitted.

Preview Copy/Requested Materials
Please send your screener in the submission form. We only accept online screeners, preferably password-secured links on Vimeo or similar platforms.

Once selected, the submitter shall provide a digital ProRes clean copy, a trailer preferably without subtitles, high-resolution stills, poster, press kit (incl. production credits), full dialogue list in English and .srt subtitles file in English, synopsis in English, and director's note and picture.

In case of submitting a link to an online screener, please ensure that it is valid until 2 June 2023 and provide any necessary passwords.

After official selection of a film, the Festival is qualified to use excerpts from the film, with a maximum of 3 minutes, nationally and internationally for promotional purpose. In the event that excerpts are not available, the Festival is qualified to copy, under its strict supervision, one or more excerpts from the film for promotional use.

Mentioning participation

Producers and distributors of participating and awarded films in the Festival are requested to mention this fact in promotional materials. The appropriate logos will be made available by KinderDocs.

KinderDocs selection decisions are final. No correspondence will be entered into, nor any critical analysis or feedback provided.

Copyright Clearances
You must own all the copyrights and have written permissions when necessary to use all underlying works in your film, including music, performances and script.

Warranties & Guarantees
By submitting a film (“Entry”) to KinderDocs, the submitter (the “Applicant” and/or Submitting Party) warrants and guarantees that they have obtained consent from any and all owners, creators, writers, producers and/or other authorised representatives and/or right-holders of the Entry (collectively the “Film Owners”) for its submission to KinderDocs and its screening at the Festival and any other associated events; furthermore, the Applicant, by submitting the Entry warrants and guarantees that it has read, understood and agreed to these Terms.

Intellectual Property/Grant of Rights
By submitting the Entry to KinderDocs, the Submitting Parties hereby represent and warrant that: (i) the Entry is an original work and does not constitute a copy, in whole or in part, of any other work and/or does include any other work that is the subject of copyright and/or other protection, unless such work is in the public domain or the Submitting Parties have obtained any and all consents, releases, licenses and other authorisations or waivers of any kind necessary for the inclusion or reproduction of any person, character, location, thing, trademark, sound recording, musical composition or other work embodied in the Entry; (ii) the Entry does not defame any person or violate the common law or statutory rights, including, without limitation, the rights of privacy and publicity or any other right of any person; (iii) the Entry is not the subject of litigation, nor any dispute that could give rise to litigation; (iv) there are no agreements, nor will there be any agreements made subsequent to the date of the submission of the Entry that would or could have the effect of impairing the Submitting Parties’ ability to provide the Entry as contemplated herein, or otherwise conflict with any provision of these Terms; and (v) the Submitting Parties have the full right, power and authority to submit the Entry to KinderDocs for Festival consideration and to grant all of the rights granted hereunder and there is no obligation or disability that would in any way impair, restrict or impede the Submitting Parties from fully performing all obligations pursuant to this submission and these Terms. The Submitting Parties agree to indemnify and hold harmless KinderDocs, its licensees, successors and members, officers, directors, employees, volunteers, agents, representatives, associates and affiliates (each a “Releasee”), from any claim, suit, action or other proceeding brought against a Releasee and from any losses, costs or damages, including the Releasee’s full legal fees, costs and expenses (including any legal fees, costs and expenses expended in connection with enforcing this indemnity), which it may have suffered or incurred or may suffer or incur, directly or indirectly based on, in connection with, or arising from the use and public performance/exhibition of the Entry submitted by the Submitting Party or the breach or alleged breach of any representation, warranty or other agreement made by the Submitting Party in these Terms.

KinderDocs is not able to respond to every Submitter regarding the status of their Film. Notifications will be sent in mid-June.

KinderDocs reserves the right to refuse to screen any submission deemed by the Festival to be age-inappropriate.

Screening times and dates are solely at the discretion of KinderDocs. KinderDocs reserves the right to revise dates and times of all Film screenings at the Festival or any associated events in its sole and absolute discretion.

By submitting a film to KinderDocs you agree to the Terms and Conditions.