The Killer Valley Horror Film Festival was founded in 2007 by filmmaker Randy Granstrom. For 16 years we've been showcasing the best in indie horror and sci-fi.

KVFF is a two-night event (with both Killer Valley Horror & Comedy Festival) featuring a collection of horror and sci-fi shorts and sometimes a pre-selected feature, to an 18+ crowd, with drinks available, live entertainment, and an awards ceremony immediately after the last film. (This was true pre-COVID, and hopefully post-COVID, but we've been an online fest in 2020-21. And will probably try to do both online and in-person in 2022) A few years ago we opened it up beyond our Southern Oregon roots, to filmmakers worldwide and had our best festival yet! We featured horror-themed vendors and have had special guests, like Adrienne King star of the original Friday the 13th appear in the past.

With limited time slots available, we're looking for shorter shorts, ideally 5 -10 minutes, 15 at the most. The films must have a serious horror or sci-fi vibe to them, if not, no matter how good it is, we won't show it!

If you're a Jefferson State filmmaker or shot your film in or around Southern Oregon/Northern California, send us a message and we can get you a free entry.

Best Film
Best Actor
Best Actress
Best Special Effects

No money, but you get featured in our awards video and free entries for life into either of our fests!

We're pretty free-wheeling at Killer Valley Horror Film Fest, we're just looking to have one awesome night of horror-themed entertainment and to have some drinks with cool folks that enjoy scary flicks. We're mostly looking for audience-pleasing films. Films that make people gasp, or laugh, or even better both!

If you live in the area or want to make the trek to the festival, let us know, and we're that much more likely to admit your film into our fest. Is that fair, maybe not? But we want filmmakers to be able to see their film with an audience. We're all filmmakers ourselves, and this fest started as a way to get our goofy, gory films in front of people. As we continue to open it up to more filmmakers, we want the opportunity to meet you and for you to meet fans of horror directly. Of course, if we think your film kicks ass and you can't make it, we'd still love to show it. Thanks!

Overall Rating
  • nathan crooker

    Fantastic event - really well organised and it's all about the love of genre film! The love for short films was strong as well - a big thank you to all involved. Can't wait to submit again!

    November 2022
  • Surfman Gorehound

    Wonderful fest!! Thank u so much

    November 2022
  • Kate Darion

    Wow! What a fantastic festival! Such cool people here! Really glad to be part of all of it! Hope to show something else at the fest in the future! Thanks again!

    December 2021
  • Super cool festival with a good community of horror fans! Very thankful they shared my work!

    November 2021
  • Maxwell Miller

    I didn't go to the festival but I'm happy that they accepted my film

    November 2021