Kicking + Screening Soccer Film Festival is the North America's premier cultural event series dedicated to the beautiful game.

Founded and organized by passionate soccer fans, we can't get enough of the game, its stories, and its storytellers. We live and breathe the soccer lifestyle, and we are dedicated to sharing it with others. That's why K+S is not only a festival, but also a gathering for the entire soccer culture community of North America -- and beyond.

The flagship festival in New York City is held every summer. It is our centerpiece and is a vital, circle-the-date part of the NYC soccer scene. More than just a showcase of soccer films, each K+S festival is a full cultural event, including film screenings, featured speakers, panel discussions, photography/art exhibitions, literary readings, and more.

Our History
K+S was founded in 2009, when a blind date between two fervent soccer and film fans, Greg Lalas and Rachel Markus, quickly evolved into something else: a small festival in New York celebrating soccer culture. That inaugural event sold out, and since then, K+S has gone on to organize festivals in Washington (D.C.), Portland (Ore.), Amsterdam, London, Copenhagen, Prague, Kerala (India), among others.

The Golden Whistle Award, presented to the best film at the annual K+S New York festival. Past winners include "The Four-Year Plan," "Club Frontera," and "Scouting for Zebras."

K+S welcomes feature-length works and shorts, documentaries and narratives, complete or in-progress. Basically, we're open to anything, provided it has a thematic tie to soccer.

Because we organize festivals year-round, we accept films on a rolling basis. However, we have specific deadlines for each festival, specifically, for K+S New York.

Before submitting your film, be sure to read the entire submission page on our website ( Complete/submit the submission form before submitting your film.

We prefer digital copies for submissions, but we do accept DVDs via mail.

Please contact us with any questions: