It is my honor and privilege to share my stories, talents, and creatives with the world. It takes a village to tell a story well. It takes a Universe to support the story or creative to inspire impact. And it takes a leap of faith to carry through
ICG 669 / WIF / CSC
I started in the Motion Picture industry in 1986 in the IATSE camera department, and as the first female Director of Photography in the union of International Alliance of Theatrical and Stage Employees (IATSE) 669.
My producer /director career began with making commercials for clients such as Apple, Microsoft, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and the Ministry of Tourism- Trinidad, W.I.,. Then advanced to Toyota Costa Rica (18 video webisodes), a web series, “Rock Star Cooking” (host Bif Naked), “Green Baby” (children’s series), Getty Images Motion Picture Assignments (1100+ clips curated) and “Pave the Road”, a feature doc (release 2020). My 20+ years of Camera Operating on union films has given me extensive technical knowledge and understanding of story. I am fortunate to have worked with A- list filmmakers, talent and producers with Warner Bros., Merchant Ivory, Disney amongst others.
I enjoy teaching interns and have contributed to the formation of the IATSE 667 Trainee Division; birthed the Film Commission in Trinidad; instructed workshops for the American Society of Cinematographers and the Canadian Society of Cinematographers; served on the Executive Board of IATSE 669, and contributed to the development of the Camera Assistants course at the British Columbia Institute of Technology.
I am a mom, yoga teacher, healer, and founder of a non-profit organization and for-profit company that builds roads in front of schools in Costa Rica using recycled waste materials.
Pave the Road: Feature Documentary (2020)
Getty Images (Motion Picture): Stock (2000 - present) Ministry of Tourism: Trinidad, West Indies (Commercials) (2000) Rock Star Cooking: Web Series, Nettwerk Records (Webisodes) Toyota: 13 episode Social Media Campaign Costa Rica (Webisodes) Rock & Roll Hall of Fame: Elvis Costello / Portrait Interviews (Promo) ASC: Interviews with Masters / ASC archives
Green Baby: Kula Paradise Ltd. (short) (Dove Foundation winner) (VOD)
Director of Photography (reel at
ABC Studios
Showcase, Netflix / Brad Wright (EP) 2nd Unit
Directors: Amanda Tapping / various
CBS, CW, Netflix / Berlanti Prod. 2nd Unit
Directors: various
Miramax / Kevin Williamson (Creator) 2nd Unit
Directors: various
Interstate 60
Fireworks Productions 2nd Unit
Director: Bob Gale
Promos / Commercials
Lions Gate Films
2nd Unit
Director: Kari Skogland
W Network / Feature Doc Main unit (Los Angeles) Director: Erin Skillon
Merchant / Ivory Productions 2nd Unit
Director: James Ivory, Ismail Merchant
Commercial Cinematographer:
Showtime: Travelers (TV Series) Digital Spots, Director: Chris Jackson Apple Computers: Garageband Guided Tour: Sarah McLachlan
Call Time Mental Health: 600/667/669/DGA / Online. Dir: Jason Bourque Warner: Christine Evans “PUSH” / music video. Dir: Jason Bourque Lovelace Productions: 3 Canal “Black Attack” / music video Co-Dependent Productions: Swimming Lessons (short) Director: Elle Wild Getty Images: Motion Picture DP/Producer, stock. New York based
Make Up the Dead: Deep-seeded Prod. (short)
Camera Operator: Recent
“Supergirl” Season 5: EP Greg Berlanti, Sarah Schechter, Robert Rovner, Jessica
Queller, Warner Bros., The CW, Berlanti Group
“Limetown”: EP Zack Akers, Josh Applebaum, Jessica Biel. Paramount Studios
“Siren” Season 1 & 2: EP Emily Whitesell, Eric Wald, Joe Menendez, Freeform.
“Buddy Games”: EP Michael Luisi, Josh Duhamel, Richard Lowell, Feature Film.
“The Man in the High Castle” Season 1: EP Ridley Scott, David Zucker, Eric Overmyer, Dan Percival, Amazon Prime.
“Ghost Wars” Season 1: EP Chad Oakes, Michael Frislev, Simon Barry, Dennis Heaton, David Von Ancken, Syfy.
“Riverdale” Season 1: EP Greg Berlanti, Sarah Schechter, Jon Goldwater, Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, The CW, Berlanti Group.
“Timeless”EP Eric Kripke, Shawn Ryan, Marney Hochman, John Davis, John Fox, NBC
Other productions: X-Men 3: The Last Stand, Bloodsuckers, Freddy vs Jason, Interstate 60: Episodes of the Road, Liberty Stand Still, The Mystic Masseur, The 6th Day, Out of Time, Cabin by the Lake, Up Up and Away, One Heart Broken Into Song, The Wonder Cabinet, Angel in a Cage, Beggers vs Choosers, Strange World, Out of Time.
I have over 150 credits as a union Camera Assistant.
Pave the Road
United Nations Youth Climate Act Winner
International Submission Feature Film Category
Pave the Road
43rd Academy Award Nomination - Costa Rica
Best Female Director
Pave the Road
Best Director Award
Winner - Best Cinematography
Pave the Road
2021 ARFF Barcelona // International Awards
Finalist - Best Cinematography
Pave the Road
NYCA New York Cinematography Awards
Winner Best Documentary Feature
Pave the Road
The Impact Doc Awards
Winner - Best Cinematography
Pave the Road
The Impact Doc Awards
High School
Magee Secondary High School
Film and Photography
Birth Date
July 16, 1968
Kelly Kodak
Birth City
Toronto, On, Canada
Current City
Vancouver, BC, Canada
Langley, BC, Canada
Trinidadian / Syrian / Canadian
Eye Color
Zodiac Sign
Joella and Jesse
It is my honor and privilege to share my stories, talents, and creatives with the world. It takes a village to tell a story well. It takes a Universe to support the story or creative to inspire impact. And it takes a leap of faith to carry through
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