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Katherin is a multimedia artist and activist based in Seattle, Washington. She has over a decade of experience in the criminal justice field as both an attorney and prison university educator.
Katherin received her Bachelor’s degree in Cross-cultural Communications in America from University of Washington and is a graduate of Vancouver Film School. She also holds a Juris Doctorate degree from Loyola Law School. Prior to law school, she was the Publisher and Editor-In-Chief of Shades of Contradiction, a nationally distributed arts and culture magazine dedicated to promoting critical thinking and creative action.
Katherin has produced, directed and art-directed short documentary and narrative films, including ‘Bob vs. The Incubus’ (Best Documentary, Vancouver Film School Festival), and was the Art Director for ‘Her Urge’ (Best Short Film, Sydney Mardi Gras Film Festival and Outstanding Women’s Short, Dallas Out Takes Festival). Katherin is also Co-founder of Raw Love Productions, a multimedia production ensemble dedicated to visual storytelling with social and artistic value. She is currently co-producing The Spirit of a Child, an interactive web documentary based in Ghana, West Africa.
The Prison Within is her first feature film.
'The Streets', Producer/Director, 2016, Raw Love Productions, Q13 TV Seattle
'The People's Tribunal' (Film Installation), Producer/Director, 2015, Raw Love Productions, Seattle University
'Her Urge', Art Director, 2000, Seduced & Exploited Entertainment
'The Cocktail Waitress', Producer/Director/Videographer, 1998, KCTS/PBS
'American Dreamin', Producer/Director/Videographer, 1998, A Film by Katherin Hervey
Numerous productions for nonprofits and corporations, Producer/Director, 2013-2018, Raw Love Productions
Best Social Justice Documentary
The Prison Within
Santa Barbara International Film Festival
Santa Barbara, CA
Raw Love Productions