project, designed to create a powerful cultural - educational platform that aims to unite Ukrainian and foreign film makers and introduce viewers works with professionals and amateurs.
Festival set a task:
- Search for talent among advanced visionaries our time - the creators of modern cinema
- shortest path for young talent enthusiasts and professionals the recognition
- open you wherever you go
Today you are making three-minute movies, tomorrow we invite you to the Festival, and the day after you are offered to make a great movie!

The awards of the Festival:
The prizes awards for the first, second and third prize in nominations:
– Feature film;
– Documentary;
– Music film;
– Mobile film (filmed on a smartphone or a mobile phone);
– Animation film;
– Awarding of the Grand Prix.

Festival regulations
Regulation of the Kaniv International Film Festival
The festival is held from 01 to 03 May 2020 in Kaniv, Ukraine.
Every year Cinema Festival is dedicated to behalf of one of the greatest filmmakers of Ukraine and of the world.

Purposes and objectives:
– To pay Ukrainians’ attention to the original values of cultural and historical heritage of Kaniv region;
– To popularize creative works of young artists in cinematography;
– To develop the national cinematographic art, to search for new compositional and creative scene solutions using of innovative forms, as well as contemporary technical means;
– To exchange the professional experience in the field of cinematographic art.

Festival Organizers:
– the Executive Committee of Kaniv Town Council;
– the Division of Culture of Kaniv Town Council.
The partners of the Cinema Festival:
– the Kaniv College of Culture and Arts Uman State Pedagogical University named after Pavlo Tychyna – a separate university department;
– the NGO “KanivFest”;
– Ltd “Format film”;
– The News Agency OTO-Inform and TV channel OTO TV.

Festival Regulations:
The festival is held in four stages.
Stage I. The acceptance of films and questionnaires (Download link is below).
Stage II. The review and selection of films by the Commission for competitive and non-competitive program nominations for participation in the festival.
Stage III. The showing of movies on the big screen, during which the jury evaluates and selects the best creative works in nominations.
Stage IV. The finishing of the Festival, awarding the winners.

– Feature film;
– Documentary;
– Music film;
– Social film;
– Animation film.

The films of any genre direction and timekeeping are admitted for participation (Short 25 min., a full meter to 90 minutes.), the production not before 2 years of the festival conducting (not before 2018). For films in a foreign language, the subtitles in Ukrainian are the requirement.
For the off-contest program, the films of any genre are accepted. The time of production is not before the 4 years of the festival conducting (not before 2017).
The films, which was made for propaganda or advertising of any companies or organizations, to lobby the political or commercial interests wouldn’t accept to the festival.
The participation of films in other festivals doesn’t exclude their participation in Kaniv Festival.
The Organizing Committee and Jury:
The Organizing Committee provides leadership in preparation and conducting the Festival, determines the jury and the size of the prize fund.
The acceptance of films carries out the Selection Committee, which annually appoints by the Organizing Committee of the festival.

The awards of the Festival:
The prizes awards for the first, second and third prize in nominations:
– Feature film;
– Documentary;
– Music film;
– Mobile film (filmed on a smartphone or a mobile phone);
– Animation film;
– Awarding of the Grand Prix.

The memorable Diplomas and gratitude of the Festival will award the participants and organizers of the Festival.
Any organizations and private persons can establish their own special prizes.

Application and selection:
The terms of acceptance of works begins before the 1, 5 months of the beginning of the festival and ends in 2 weeks before the date of the festival (in the 2019-2020 it is from the 1st of December tillll the 15th of March).
Movies for selecting send to email address: kanivfest@ukr.net, kanivfest@gmail.com.
The documents with a note “Film Festival” sent by e-mail: kanivfest@ukr.net, kanivfest@gmail.com.

The list of documents, which is needed for the participation in the Festival:
– Questionnaire;
– Short summary on film;
– Filmography and biography of the filmmaker;
– Photo of the filmmaker.

The invitation and participation:
For the participation in the Cinema Festival film directors, authors and producers of the selected films are invited.
The promotion and advertising:
The organizers can use submitted films to create advertising in preparation and holding of the festival.
The Organizers provide free of charge advertising of films and representing organizations, which are taking part in festival, except the political parties.
The occasions are not included into the Regulations will be considered by the organizers according to the rules of holding the international film festivals.
In all questions apply for the Organizing Committee.

The contacts of the Organizing Committee: 19000, Koshovogo str. 1, Ukraine, Kaniv. Tel. 04736 – 3-24-72.

Overall Rating
  • A wonderful festival!
    They were very cordial and attentive.
    Thank you so much for the opportunity to participate!

    January 2020
  • Fantastic festival. Thanks a lot for selecting our works

    June 2019
  • Kateryna Tsvihun

    Good festival with nice people and films!

    June 2019
  • Good festival with interesting films.

    May 2019
  • Sashko Balabai

    This is Wonderful festival!!! Great content. Qualified Jury. Excellent attraction.

    May 2019