At the Kalavati Film Festival (KFF), we strive to curate an inclusive festival atmosphere - an environment where experienced professionals and first time filmmakers can strike up conversations and perhaps take something away from one another.

KFF is a gathering of young and old, experienced and new recruits to showcase their talent and passion in the art of film. We will be looking for films that are pushing the boundaries of contemporary story telling.

Our mission is to help talented film artists, who create meaningful films that are worth seeing and sharing, but lack the backing of studios, expensive marketing campaigns or famous personas.

You can send as many entries as you want, but with separate fees for every entry.

Short films with total run time of under 59 minutes are eligible.

All non-English films must have English sub-titles.

All submitted films must be original work of the entrant.

By submitting, you are granting the Kalavati Film Festival non-exclusive permission to exhibit your film during the festival, if selected.