Kadoma International Film Festival 2019 is a community-based film festival in Kadoma, Osaka, Japan. In its second year after the successful launch in 2018, we go international and welcome Foreign (Non-Japanese) Films from all around the world.

Kadoma is a commuter city in Osaka, probably most famously known for the Panasonic's headquarter, but strangely it's a city without a single movie theater. In 2016 our festival director Takashi Nasu founded Kadoma Film Commission to produce community-based films and invite filmmakers to the city of Kadoma. With the enthusiasm and passionate encouragement from the Kadomanians, he launched a film festival last year. Without any official funding, it was a pure labor of love. The movie-loving people in the city of Kadoma voluntarily participated in running the festival. For the huge success, the festival and the director have been honored with the regional development and cultural activities awards.

Welcoming filmmakers from all over the world to Kadoma has been the ambition of us from the beginning. Our mission is to encourage interaction among filmmakers regardless of their continents or languages. So, we step forward to make our dream come true.

Surrounded by the cities of Osaka, Kyoto, and Nara, the city of Kadoma is a good hub for sightseeing as well. You are guaranteed with big smiles and good hearts from the people of Kadoma. We offer artistically made certificates by calligrapher Taijun Nagayama and Osakan Governor's Award, adding to the regular awards. The winners may have a chance for a broadcast through the on-demand channel for the festival through J:COM Cable TV, the biggest cable service provider in Japan.

The 2019 Best Foreign (Non-Japanese) Film categories accept:

Narrative Feature
Narrative Short
Documentary Feature
Documentary Short
Dance Feature
Dance Short
Animation Short

All submissions must be in Non-Japanese language, except for Dance, which must be by Non-Japanese-based company/production.

After a film has been officially selected, the filmmaker will be notified.

Awards will be announced at the award ceremony on the last day of the festival. The winners will be given artistically hand-written certificates by renowned calligrapher Taijun Nagayama.

Osakan Governor's award may also be granted in the Foreign Film category, adding to the regular awards. The winners may have a chance for a broadcast in the on-demand channel for the festival through J:COM Cable TV, which is the biggest cable service provider in Japan.

Award winners who cannot make the ceremony will receive the certificates by mail.

You must fully comply with the rules and regulations to be eligible for the official selection in Kadoma International Film Festival (KIFF) 2019.

1) You must hold all necessary legal rights for your submission, including permission to use any copyrighted material.
2) Submissions are through Filmfreeway only. Upload or Link to Vimeo/YouTube is accepted through the entry form.
3) By submission, you agree to give permission for the KIFF to use parts of your film and images for promotional purposes.
4) A screening committee determines which films to be shown in the festival. Submission does not guarantee the selection.
5) Entry fees are final and not refundable.
6) Subtitles (English or Japanese) are encouraged, but not required.
7) KIFF assumes no responsibility for any infringement claim from third-parties and holds absolute rights to disqualify such entries.
8) In case of increment weather or other unpredictable incidents, the screening may be cancelled.