● The KuanDog Prize is held at the 7th Kuandu International Animation Festival (KDIAF) in 2017 to provide animators a platform to screen and promote their works.

● The Festival not only injects new energy into the animation industry, it also promotes interactions between local and international participants.

● The KuanDog Prize encourages submissions from excellent animators and filmmakers. KDIAF also offers screening programs for outstanding animated films in different categories selected from all over the world.

● Every year we have around 20,000 attendees to our events.

Awards & Prizes

【Best International Animated Short Film】: one winner;
● Prize –Cash Prize of US$2,000 and the KuanDog Trophy
● Eligibility: All productions are eligible to enter this category. Student productions can be opted to enter either this category or Best student Film category; however, each film can only entered one category.

【Best Student Film】: one winner;
● Prize – Cash Prize of US$1,500 and the KuanDog Trophy
● Eligibility: A film that was produced while the filmmaker(s) attending educational institutions under instructors’ supervision.

【Taiwanese Special Award】: one winner;
● Prize – Cash Prize of US$1,500 and the KuanDog Trophy
● Eligibility: All films entered in either category above that are/were produced by Taiwanese Filmmaker(s) can be considered for this award. To be eligible for Taiwan Special Award, the producer or director of the selected film may be required to provide proof of citizenship.

【Honorable Mentioned】:
● Prize – Award Certificates
● Eligibility: All films entered in all above categories can be considered for this award. There may be more than one film being awarded this honor.

Rules & Terms

Any audiovisual animated works, created frame by frame, with a run time less than 30 minutes, including titles and credits may be entered. It can be made of any techniques or genre. Only works must be completed after January 1, 2016 and never previously submitted to KDIAF will be accepted.


There is no entry fee required. It’s FREE to enter!

Submission deadline: July 15, 2017.

Entrants are under obligation to complete registration process and submit requested materials.

1. Required Materials:

* A digital copy of your film for Preview; Preview Format: (at least) 720(W)×480(H) MPG、AVI、WMV、MP4、MOV
* Entry form in digital format.
* 3~5 stills, JEPG format with at least 300dpi resolution.
* 1 photo of the director, JEPG format, with at least 300dpi.
* If the dialogues in the film are not in Chinese or English, entries must have English or

Chinese subtitles.
* Extra promotional materials can be submitted.
* A label including film title and contact info must be attached on the CD/DVD.


1. The Pre-Selection Committee will view all submitted films and determine which films shall be selected for screening during KDIAF 2017 and for award consideration.

2. The nominations will be announced before 8/31 on the official website. KDIAF will also inform the selected films to re-submit a digital copy of the selected film for cinematic screening - 1080P (1920x1080).

3. A Jury Board panel consists of animator, filmmaker, scholar and expertise will view and choose the Winners in each category. The winning films will be announced at the Award Ceremony.


1. By submitting the entry form for KDIAF 2017, the entrant accepts, without reservation, the terms of the present regulations as stated in this document.

2. Each entrant declares to be the author or rights owner of the film(s) in competition and to own all the literary, dramatic and musical rights. If the film(s) has involved in the case of breaching copyright at any level, the organizer will reserve the right to revoke the award.

3. By submitting the film, each selected film will be granted the right to KDIAF and the tour free of charge (in full or as an extract), for non-commercial and promotional purposes.

4. The entrant is responsible for the transport costs, insurance charges and customs fees incurred when shipping material to the Festival. Please note that the submitted materials will not be returned unless enclosed stamped and self-addressed envelope.

5. Modification of film(s) after submission will not be accepted.

6. All prize awards should comply with Taiwanese Income Tax Law; failed to do so will cause the forfeit of the prize.

7. Matters not mentioned in these regulations will be decided by the KDIAF Organizing Committee.

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    chun-tzu Chang

    A great festival with a lot of potentials!

    November 2017
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    Kathryn Olson

    It was a pleasure and honor to be a part of this film festival! Thank you all so much!

    November 2017