KATZE Film Festival is thrilled to announce its return, inviting you to join us on an extraordinary journey to the edges of society, the human experience, and cinematic filmmaking. At KATZE, we believe in exploring uncharted territories and embracing the unconventional. Our festival is a platform for filmmakers who dare to challenge conventions, provoke thought, and push the boundaries of what cinema can be.

From thought-provoking dramas to mind-bending experimental films, KATZE Film Festival 2024 will showcase a diverse range of works that captivate, inspire, and challenge the status quo. We invite filmmakers from around the world to submit their visionary creations and be a part of this cinematic exploration.

Take a moment to browse through the photos from KATZE 2023, showcasing the vibrant atmosphere during the festival.

For those who missed out or want to reminisce, we encourage you to explore the 2023 program, featuring an exceptional lineup of films:

Video Trailer: youtu.be/m73bqSX1JCg

PDF Program: iiff.co.il/katze/KATZE_PROGRAM_2023.pdf

Announcing an exciting addition to KATZE Film Festival 2024: a brand-new category for Best Animation Short! Step into a realm where imagination knows no bounds as we delve deeper into the edges of storytelling through the power of animation.

Under the IIFF initiative, we strive to connect creators and viewers worldwide, Embracing our position on the periphery, we continue to grow and build meaningful connections.

At KATZE, we celebrate new voices and perspectives that often go unnoticed, shining a light on the hidden gems of the film industry.

Unleash your creativity. Explore the unknown. Embrace the Edge.


Best Film (Short Film)
Best Film (Feature Film)
Best Documentary Film (Feature Film)
Best Documentary Film (Short Film) (up to 25min)
Best Animation Short film (up to 25min)
Best Experimental video (up to 10min)


Best Film (Short Film)
Best Film (Feature Film)
Best Documentary Film (Feature Film)
Best Documentary Film (Short Film)

All films must be in VIMEO format
All films must be in quality of at least 1080P
No limitations on release dates but preference will be given to film premieres
English or Hebrew subtitles are required for foreign language films. Films in English or Hebrew do not require subtitles

Overall Rating
  • A wonderful festival with a wonderful team behind it. Communication was great, and the atmosphere and hospitality as well. The program was unique and included many beautiful films.
    It was a pleasure collaborating with you and I look forward to next time.

    September 2023
  • Adhal Bara

    Thank you to the katze festival for its commitment to promoting inclusion. Thank you so much for this first selection! Beautiful movies with much humanity ♥️

    June 2023
    Response from festival:

    Thank you for your support! We loved your short film. ♥️