Are you tired of the same stuffy and stale film festivals? Sure, those festivals are chock full of thought-provoking cultural and social nutrients, but don't you wish there was another kind of festival? Now there is...

From the team that brought you Midnight Movies comes the 🌟 BRAND NEW 🌟 Junk Food Film Fest. You won't find any documentaries about somebody's war-hero grandpa here (unless their grandpa totally fucks). All empty-calories and no moral fiber, Junk Food Film Fest serves up only the most entertaining shorts, features, animation, and web-content today's filmmakers have to offer. Offering a variety of flavors from bold, weird, irreverent, and edgy, JFFF is looking for content to rot your brain (not your teeth).

(1) What kind of stuff can we expect to see at this festival? - A cinematic celebration featuring a blend of VHS culture and thrift store finds, Midnight Movies style programming, and original content from filmmakers around the world. (We'll throw in some so-bad-it's-good Neil Breen style entertainment as well.) There'll be trivia, audience participation, and lots of junk food on hand.

(2) Is this in person or online? - In person. Online film festivals are a joke and so are the people who run them.

(3) Does the film need to be about junk food or food in general? - No, as much as we'd love to watch hundreds of films about junk food, this festival is for the JUNK FOOD OF THE MIND.

(4) Where IS this film festival going to be held? - It's a surprise! (But trust us, we have a venue and it's not some stuffy art house theater). It will be on the outskirts of Duluth, Minnesota; that's the most we can say.

(5) Is Marin single? - No, keep your goddamn hands off.

You must own the film or video you are submitting.

No submission fee refunds.

Films need to be completed; no works in progress.

Non English films MUST be subtitled.

JFF is not responsible for lost or responsible materials in transit or during the festival.

Filmmakers are responsible for shipping and handling of all materials.