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Jordan Lawson is an actor, director, musician, writer and filmmaker. With his home base being Los Angeles, he has had the opportunity for many amazing projects to conquer over the years. With over 100+ films and television spots to his credit, 4 Short films under his belt and several others in the works, Jordan is indeed making his way towards accomplishing what he’s always wanted. He is currently expanding his new company called “Galaxy Break Films” and plans on branching out with more films that the company will be representing. Jordan Lawson, from the get go, made a point by saying he only wants to affect as many people as possible in a positive way with his work and also be able to give them something to hold onto that will carry them towards whatever success and happiness means to them. “It’s about doing what you love, yes, but it’s also about making something so intense and so inspiring, that it will affect someone enough, they decide to make a difference in their own life by doing what it is that they love. The best job you could possibly have is a job that doesn’t feel like work and if it does, consider another profession. To me, doing this doesn’t feel like work and I enjoy every minute of it.”
Best Actor, Best Short Film, Honorable Mention
“Just a Memory” (2020)
Imagine Rain Independent Film Awards
Los Angeles
Birth City
Charlotte, North Carolina
Current City
Los Angeles
Charlotte, North Carolina
Eye Color
Zodiac Sign
Married To
Frequently writes, acts and directs his own material/Projects.
When he began learning filmmaking, he first would use his iPhone until he got a camera.
Currently resides mainly in Los Angeles, CA. He also has a home back east as well.
Has been known to collect Goorin Bros Fedoras.
Began his career in New York performing in various Theatre productions in Manhattan.
Has been involved in over 100+ film and television projects since April of 2006.
This is the FilmFreeway account for Jordan Lawson