Hello! My name is Jack Turner. Throughout my whole life, I've had one goal, which is to become a filmmaker. I love movies since i was i was kid. During my GCSE's, i always found movies reliable when it came to Photography and English, as both subjects had one thing in common... creativity. To me, my favourite place to go is the Cinema. It always excites me to see either a brand new film come out, or even a re-release of an iconic movie like "Empire Strikes Back". Every time i go to the Cinema, i educate myself on how a movie was made. It always makes me smile seeing so many filmmakers talk about their passion in media and what inspired them. To me, my journey is very different to others that came before. My introduction didn't come from a certain film; it came from my parents. They always took me to the Cinema during my child-hood, so the memories pushed me further to pursue my dream job. I love everything about films such as Directing, acting and Editing. I always work hard and always self criticise on my Documentaries and films. Improving the negatives leads to positive outcomes!
Special mention
Key workers: the real heroes
Global shorts film festival
Los Angeles
Key workers: the real heroes
Roma Short Film Festival
Offical Selection
Key workers: the real heroes
New York Tri-State International Film Festival
New York
short film
Kathmandu World Film Festival
Semi Finalist
Serbest International Film Festival
Moldova, Republic of
Bridgwater & Taunton College
Birth Date
August 15, 2001
Eye Color
"We all believe that we can run into the burning building. But until we can feel that heat, we can never know". - TENET (2020)
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