This is the third year of the festival, it is a celebration of movies from all around the world and a platform for women to tell
their own stories. It is going to take place for one week , there will be screened films of different genres,
documentaries, feature and short films, it is a possibility for everyone with films about sports, arts, friendship, activism,
lesbian/queer lives, motherhood, gender roles, religion, and romance to be a part of it.
The international Women´s film festival seeks to educate and inspire future generations about the experiences and
contributions of women through the art of film. The festival is a multi-day event that is entertaining, informative and
provides audiences with the opportunity to learn about the important topics that affect and inspire women.
 During the event, we host women filmmakers, there will be networking opportunities, student workshops, and a panel of
discussions on the state of women in the film industry. 
The festival brings to you the films that often only can be seen, in festivals like Tribeca and Sundance and that’s if you’re
lucky enough to be able to travel to such of film festivals.
It offers an alternative to traditional celebrations through art, it encourages both women and men to critically reflect upon
pertaining gender inequalities, while praising the achievements that have been made to date. Previous editions of Arab
women film festival confirmed the interest of the audience in new forms of engagement with women’s rights and gender

Best Short Film
Best Long Film

To be considered, films must be directed by and be about women.

Please submit films in their final, complete state via online screener. Films must have been completed after June 2018.