Finally! A film festival that is genuinely design to help highlight the hardworking women in the film industry. We are also encouraging more women to direct, produce, write, and work behind the scenes as well as in front.

Here are the Awards.

Feature Film:
Best Picture

Short Film:
Best Picture

Best Documentary

Animation (Please submit under short film)

Music Video
Best Music Video

News Story
Best News Story

Best Screenplay

We are so excited that you are considering submitting your film to the 2016 International Women’s Film Festival. Our goal is to help women filmmakers get to next level. We want to see more content produced, directed, written by females. We want to give you, your company, and your projects the most exposure that we can but there are a few rules before submitting. If rules are broken, you will be automatically disqualified and will have to resubmit your video(s).

You also give us full permission to download a digital copy of your video as well as playing it during the festival week via projector and online . Some prizes will be granted based on the number of entries, donations and sponsors received. IWFF reserves the right to reject any submissions.

> No refund
> Must send your video before deadline
> We do not return any DVDs or Blurays. However, we can destroy them upon request
> No pornography of any kind
> Must be no longer or shorter then the required length per category
> Must pay entry fee
> Must fill out entry form

Overall Rating
  • Francesca Penzani

    Thank you IWFF for screening DOUBLE UP . My best wishes for a continuous success.

    December 2018
  • Thank you so much for making "The Sparkle" a finalist! By honoring us you honor indie woman filmmakers around the world who never gave up on their dream - I'm accepting this for everyone who has ever been told that it couldn't be done - Lana Lekarinou, Writer, director, producer.

    October 2018
  • Annette Westwood

    Incredible festival championing and empowering women filmmakers. Massive thank you to the team for all the support of our film, truly grateful!

    October 2018
  • Outstanding experience! I look forward to submitting next year.

    October 2018
    Filmfreeway thumbnail
    Response from festival:

    Thank you so much.

  • michael redwood

    This IWFF festival is important, and its team are the kinds of people who benefit the cinematic world, and despite having a male director, they recognised our efforts to employ as many female personnel possible in our submitted film and for this, we are grateful. Thank you so much.

    October 2018
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    Response from festival:

    So kind. Thank you so much