The International Wildlife Film Festival is the longest running wildlife film festival in the world. Filmmakers from all over the world flock to Missoula, Montana to celebrate excellence in films that highlight our interactions with nature. A week-long film festival held every spring in the heart of the magnificent Northern Rockies, IWFF is both a major international event that brings people to Missoula from around the world, as well as a community event, with public film screenings that provide filmmakers with a unique opportunity for immediate feedback and audience reaction.

The International Wildlife Film Festival is a premier festival and conference for wildlife film and media. Wildlife conservation is a key component and the focus of the annual IWFF. Our expanded programming recognizes excellence in films about the natural world, from environmental and conservation films, to issue driven explorations of earth and it's inhabitants.

IWFF serves as a watchdog and "guardian" of scientific and factual accuracy, ethical film practices and creative excellence in the craft of the wildlife film genre.

Known as a true Filmmakers’ Festival for its central focus on film and filmmakers, the IWFF celebrates emerging filmmakers and the future of wildlife & environmental filmmaking.

Attended by filmmakers, broadcasters, government agencies, non-governmental organizations including major conservation organizations, foundations and corporations it is aimed at developing vital, proactive projects that will impact the fate and future of our planet through the use of media.

All Categories plus Best of Fest, and Awards for Craft (Cinematography, Editing, etc).

Films eligible for the International Wildlife Film Festival's juried competition must have a central focus on non-domesticated wildlife species and natural habitats. Content must relate either singly or in combination with wildlife, habitat, conservation, ecology, research management, the environment, environmental, cultural or conservation issues, the role of hunting in conservation, plants and/or people's interactions with wildlife and/or the natural world.

Film entries must also match the following criteria:

Entries must have a release date, copyright date or air date after 2012.

For public screenings during the festival, please submit a Blu-ray Disc, H264 or .mov file will be requested.

If you would like your films returned to you following the festival, you must provide a postage paid, shipping form and all postage must be paid in advance by the sender.



Filmmakers must submit 1 viewing copy per entry.

PAL DVD's will only be accepted for hardship situations.

Non-English language productions must include an English voiceover or subtitles.

Festival dates are April 14-22, 2018.

Please preview your entries before shipping. Programs with time code or other defects may be disqualified. No refunds.


Overall Rating
  • Karen Hall

    Wonderful event. Met lots of inspiring people and the educational seminars were great. Everyone was very supportive. As a first time film producer this was wonderful.

    May 2018
  • Dusty Hulet

    Exceeded all expectations. Over nine days we made important connections with industry leaders and mentors in casual, low-stress settings conducive to the formation of lasting relationships. The impressively open sharing of industry insights left us with an entirely new perspective on the possibilities of global distribution for our film. We consider ourselves very fortunate to have attended this festival prior to taking our film to market. Don't miss the chance to promote your film in front of the whole community during the opening parade!

    April 2018
  • Kori Price

    IWFF is an incredible festival for merit, networking, coziness and amazing programming. Set in beautiful Missoula, you can drink your beers and summit stuff too. We had such a blast. The Festival staff was friendly & accommodating, the attendees were full of energy and ideas. We look forward to this festival year after year as we think it's where many of our collaborations are born and polished.

    April 2018
  • Collin Monda

    I really enjoyed this important themed festival in charming Missoula. I was very well taken care of and my film played as part of a special event that was well attended and engaging for the audience. The networking for me went very, very well.

    April 2018
  • Von Kleindorfer

    This was and is a great festival. Fimakers and staff were amazing people and fun to be around. There were tons of helpful activities planed for all different types of wildlife and technical people to learn from. Had a blast.

    April 2018