The International OCEAN FILM TOUR brings the best ocean adventures and environmental documentaries to the big screen. Inspiring stories, breath-taking images, and water sports action are professionally presented in select venues.

Each year we curate a unique program of 5 – 7 films that combines documentaries with film shorts, action sports with environmentalism, and fascinating stories with stunning pictures from above and below the surface. All films share one common theme: a deep connection to the ocean. This 2-hour compilation will be shown at about 200 events worldwide.

Don’t hesitate to submit your feature-length documentary. Once your film has been selected, we offer to work in close consultation with the filmmakers to create a special edited version that fits into our format.

Our company Moving Adventures focuses on the captivating world of sports, nature, and adventure, and has more than 20 years experience creating and organizing film tours: e.g. the European Outdoor Film Tour, International Ocean Film Tour and the Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour.

Please find the trailer of our current tour here:
To get a better impression of our events, watch the premiere clip:

We pay filmmakers a licensing fee for films selected as part of our tour. This fee will be negotiated based on length, level of exclusivity, and production value.

In addition, we invite filmmakers and the films' protagonists to selected events, and cover travel and accommodation expenses.


- Ocean-related documentaries and shorts of any length and style are eligible for submission to the International OCEAN FILM TOUR. This includes but is not limited to films about ocean adventures, surfing, diving, sailing, fishing, traveling, cliff diving, wind sailing, kite surfing, rowing, swimming, environmental activism, marine eco-systems, marine flora and fauna, or travel.
- Applicants must have the intellectual property rights and distribution rights to submit a film. Applicants must acquire the performing rights for any music contained in the film and provide evidence should it be required. International OCEAN FILM TOUR will take no responsibility for copyright infringement.
- Films may be submitted in any language but must have English and / or German subtitles.
- Films produced prior to the year 2019 will not be eligible.
- Submission of films does not guarantee their screening at the film tour.
- The film tour will inform all Applicants of the status of their application once short listing is complete.
- If your film is selected for the film tour, a license agreement including screening fee will be negotiated and needs to be signed by both the Applicant and the film tour.


- Once the film has been selected for the film tour and the agreement is signed by both parties, the film must be delivered in the following format:
_Picture format
*Container: QuickTime
*Resolution: 1920x1080 Full HD //Aspect Ratio 16:9
*Codec: Apple ProRes HQ // or DNxHD 175// or DNxHD 185
*Frame Rate: Original Frame Rate
*Field Mode: Progressive
*Separated stereo tracks (STEMS): MUSIC, DIALOGUE, & EFFECTS
*Sound Format: WAV; OMF; AAF à 24bit, 48kHz, Stereo
- The selected films will be professionally post-produced including sound design and color correction.
- In creative consultation with the filmmaker, the film tour has the option to edit the film. Such editing shall not effect the creative integrity of the Property and its meaning.


- Once your film has been selected for the film tour, a minimum of 4 high-resolution promotional still photographs at 300dpi must be submitted.
- The photographer credit should be provided in a separate word document.
- The film tour reserves the right to use up to two minutes from each entry submitted for promotional purposes including but not limited to the tour trailer.
- The International OCEAN FILM TOUR will promote selected films in the best possible way, using the tour magazine, established PR network, media partners, and social media.