The International Multicultural Film Festival "IMFF" awaits you for 4 weeks of independent films made by filmmakers from vastly diverse ethnic and religious communities across the globe!

IMFF celebrates diversity in traditions, opinions, cultures, and religions. It will celebrate those filmmakers who are struggling to showcase their works, within a climate of marginalization and isolation, racial or religious discrimination, secularism, sectarianism, or anti-religious sentiment. IMFF is not to open a cultural war but to build bridges of tolerance, understanding, and inclusion.

International Multicultural Film Festival 2023 (third season) will be held in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth, (Australia) from 5 April to 31 April 2023.

IMFF is open to documentary and drama films, short and long (max length is 120 minutes).

PLEASE NOTE: If your film is PRELIMINARY SELECTED and you did supply us with a DOWNLOADABLE COPIES OF:

1-your FIlm in FHD,
2- Trailer/ teaser
3- Poster

within ONE WEEK then your film might be DISQUALIFIED.

* There is no particular theme recommended but we stress on and encourage films telling stories about diversity, inclusion, and tolerance.

Films have no race or religion! We all use moving pictures as a medium to tell a story or pass a message or change the world around us. So IMFF is not about race or religion, but about a vast group of people and communities who happen to be diverse in their race, religion, skin colour, political views, traditions, and cultures. Thereafter, the major criteria for entry are that films should be either:


We look forward to seeing your submissions and welcoming you to our third year of the International Multicultural Film Festival, April 2023.

Awards & Prizes:

The official selection will be carefully picked by our panel of expert judges, and will constitute the films nominated for an award. The films screened at the event will be selected from the official selection and promoted on our social media platforms and website, and the best ones will receive awards at the film festival in a range of categories. The winners will get our official laurels and will be featured on our Facebook page and website and in our media press releases.
The IMFF 2021 will have four major awards:

1- Winner of the best short drama film: $250 + laurel
2- Winner of the best short documentary film $250 + laurel
3- Winner of the best feature drama film: $250 + laurel
4- Winner of the best feature documentary film $250 + laurel
5- Winner of the Best Director: gifts + laurel
6- Winner of the Best Producer/Production: gifts + laurel

Note: We may withdraw any award where the criteria are not met.

Rules & Terms:

- We only accept films in ENGLISH or with ENGLISH SUBTITLES.

- All film projects should be made (premiered) on or after 1 January 2020.

- Only ONE FILM project per director is allowed to compete. Production companies and distributors can submit as many films as they wish but they MUST be made by different directors.

-We accept only films that comply with the common sense of inclusion and celebrate our diversity. We discourage featuring nudity, drug use, explicit sex scenes, vulgar language, and so on unless they are critical to the storyline of the film and can’t be done without.
If you are in doubt please email us before you submit your film on the:

-The Judging panel is not required to give reasons why a particular film was not accepted in the IMFF official selection. However, the winners may receive feedback explaining why they won.

- Short films must not exceed 40 minutes in length.

- Feature films must not exceed 120 minutes in length.

- All the films should be made after 1 January 2021.

- By submitting to the festival you give us the right to screen your film in front of a live audience at our venues Australia-wide in 2021, namely in Australia's major capital cities such as Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, and Canberra, and exclusively during the national Harmony Week throughout Australia each year.

-By submitting your film, you agree to our terms and conditions and give us permission to use your press kit items for marketing purposes. Your personal information WILL NEVER be shared with third parties without your written permission.

- Selected films will be requested to provide all promotional materials for the promotion of the festival screening. We encourage you to submit a press kit upfront when you submit your film. Any submission missing the media kit by the deadline would be considered INCOMPLETE.

- Media Kit includes a minimum of:
a- a trailer of no longer than 90 seconds, (you can submit two; one for Instagram and a longer one for other social media platforms.)
b- Director's statement,
c- Film shooting photos,

- All submitted film files should be DOWNLOADABLE by our staff or jury panel, in FULL HD minimal resolution, and in MOVIE, or MP4 files only.
If you have a DCP copy we encourage you to submit it later on when your film has been selected.

-Any submitted films which are found not downloadable, not in a minimum of FHD resolution (1080 X 1920), and not in English or without English subtitles, will be marked as incomplete. If you cannot rectify that, your film will be rejected and no refund will be issued.

- Student filmmakers get a concession and they are highly encouraged to submit their films. We may ask for a student card or any other evidence to prove their status as students if needed.

- the filmmakers of the officially selected films will be requested to sign an indemnity form, as well as provide a copy of their photo ID, for security and safety purposes.

- We will have all selected films screened online (IMFF COUCHED) along with our in-
theatre screenings, to enable the maximum audience to watch your films worldwide. If you have concerns, or simply do not wish to participate in our online screening then please let us know. We will send an agreement for this to everyone in due course.

Overall Rating
  • Haleh Saberi

    It was a pleasure to participate in this amazing festival. Thank you!

    September 2021
  • Alireza Khajehali

    The festival was well organized Thank you very much

    September 2021
  • Javid Farahani

    It was an honor for me and thank you for your professional team⚘

    September 2021
    Response from festival:

    Thank you so much and it was a pleasure to work with you this year! keep up the good work, and we are looking forward to viewing more of your films in the years to come :)

  • Gustavo Vazquez

    I had a great experience with Tarek and the organization of this festival.
    Excellent communication truly supporting independent cinema.

    September 2021
    Response from festival:

    Thank you so much and it was a pleasure to work with you this year! keep up the good work, and we are looking forward to viewing more of your films in the years to come :)

  • Teymour Tehrani

    Due to the pandemic a more distant experience this year. However, the IMFF is carried out with an understanding for film and provides a stage for current issues. Thank you for making "ANIETIÉ, and the Sky will be there" a part of this significant event.

    September 2021
    Response from festival:

    Thank you so much and it was a pleasure to work with you this year! keep up the good work, and we are looking forward to viewing more of your films in the years to come