We want to promote zero censorship expression, something that would not be allowed to be screened elsewhere. We set no limitations for the participants. Any genre: starting from documentary to pornography.

The film must address an existing problem in today’s world, such as alcoholism, drug addiction, gambling, prostitution, pedophilia, human trafficking, racism, poverty, crime, corruption, police arbitrariness and brutality, censorship, war and many other that are even much darker problems than we have mentioned here and that are hidden and not talked about.

At the same time, we strongly emphasize that the aim is to focus attention on these problems, not to praise or promote them. The content of the films is 18+ and the filmmakers must take full legal responsibility for their work. For security reasons, the participation of anonymous authors is also possible, which will need to be agreed upon in advance.

We invite filmmakers (professional and amateur) from all over the world to submit short movies that will compete for the Grand Prix 10 000 EUR cash prize and a Golden Cage trophy. Ten best shortlisted finalists will be invited to Riga and premiered at the festival before the Gala Awards ceremony.

The film must be 15 to 30 minutes long and submitted in FullHD or 4K (H.264). Experienced professionals as well as beginners and amateurs can apply. However, not only the content and idea, but also the performance and quality will definitely be evaluated.

Movies can be in any language, but with English subtitles if the original language is other than English.

The film may not have been shown to the public and made available before this festival. It must be filmed especially for the Golden Cage festival. Premiere of at least ten best films nominated by the jury will take place in Riga in the presence of the filmmakers and pre-selected audience.