The IFFTB is a festival which takes borders and frontiers in question, investigating about their problematic aspects and consequences.

Welcome are short films, documentaries, experimental documentaries and experimental works.

An important point for transcending borders is to spread real knowledge about the "other side", their human conflicts and realities. Films transcending prejudices and caricatures by just communicating real life conditions in the different countries are welcome. They already establish an important step to create understanding and tolerance.

Multi-nationality - Multi-ethnicity- Multi-religiosity, living together in a shared place… the ongoing migration movements will intensify the issues rising up here.

The festival wants to contribute to create a space of dialogue, knowledge, sensitivity and understanding for a peaceful and sustainable future. Evidently, this is one of the most challenging political and social global issue and task today. Reciprocal understandings, recognition, acceptance of differences, in short, tolerance are the most demanded qualities to avoid next wars of all kind.


In Europe, one of the most affected regions of these conflicts are without doubt the so-called post-Yugoslav ones. In their center we find Bosnia and Herzegovina. Therefore, we start here to "look around", to find films, fictional or documentaries, which let us understand better the rise of conflicts, the problems and barriers of communication, the hopes and fears of people confronted with permanent social and ecological menaces. False solutions are often presented as concepts based on national, ethical or religious separatism.


Consequently, we also invite specially films produced offering the daily life in these seven surrounding most concerned territories: Albania, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Slovenia. Submitted films for this section should be (co)produced in these countries or treating questions, subjects, phenomenon or situations located there.

The IFFTB will organize an international competition for these countries, valorized by the MAIN AWARD, THE FUTURE AWARD (for a sustainable future), the SENSITIVITY AWARD (for sensual and intellectual sensitivity) and finally the SURPRISE AWARD (for an astonishing and convincing approach).


In a second section we are looking for films coming from all parts of the world treating the mentioned subjects: Multi-nationality - Multi-ethnicity- Multi-religiosity, in other terms the question of problematic borders and frontiers, films, which can help us by their detailed and specific observations, how these fatal effects are made and settled.
These films should treat observations about societies, groups and formations, marked by persisting national ideologies, often without any promise or strategy for efficient health and social care, without any political concept to create a human, tolerant and caring society, forcing people to live in degraded conditions, often marked by poverty and helplessness. In these conditions the only self confirmation consist mostly in just being part of a nation, ethnicity or religion.


THE CREATING TOLERANCE AWARD will be attributed to these films about or from all region worldwide


The festival will be realized January 22 - 28, 2023 at the Maison de l'Île-de-France at Paris. We think Paris, as historical place for political refugees and cultural exchange, specially after the 2nd WW, seems to be the ideal place for our festival concept.

(Films from or about Bosnia-Herzegovina, Albania, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Slovenia)

(without restriction)

(for a sustainable future),

(for sensual and intellectual sensitivity)

(for an astonishing and convincing approach)


(films or all origins, no regional restriction)

(for contributions able to create tolerance)

For the competition programs the production year should not be older
than 2020, for the focus programs not older than 2016.

In the case your film is selected, we will contact you asking for a
screening copy.
Also, if your film is not chosen immediately, it can be chosen later
for another upcoming festival during the year (in another
country/town). In this case, we will ask for your permission again.

With the submission on this platform you give automatically the
screening permission of your film to the festival for this actual
edition. The festival can integrate your film in its actual
edition without further permissions from your side. You also can't add
further condition for the screening permission (for example fee
requests etc.). In the case, we will not receive a screening copy in
better technical quality, we will screen the submission file

We can't send back DVDs, BluRays, USB keys, hard disc etc.