With the contributions of the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism, 2nd International Dystopia Film Festival International Short Film Contest will be held in Istanbul on November 19-20, 2022, by the International Independent Cinema and Art Association. The festival will be organized to focus on the dystopia genre, to increase the production of dystopian films in our country, to balance the diversity of genres and to create equal opportunities for innovative films that catch the era.

The International Short Film Contest within the context of 2nd International Dystopia Film Festival, that will be held on November 19-20, 2022, is a festival where short film directors from Turkey and all the other countries can participate.

With the extent of the contest, "First Prize", "Second Prize" and "Third Prize" will be given by the jury. The first place will be presented 5,000 TL. The second place will be presented 2,500 TL. And the third place will be presented 1,000 TL. Besides the awards specified in the guidelines, the jury may present a special award that is not a monetary reward. The Festival Management holds the right to make any changes in the rules.

1. The contest is open to dystopian short films from all the other countries with the production year 2021 and 2022.
2. The fiction, animation, experimental and documentary short films of the dystopian genre, no longer than 30 minutes, can apply for the contest.
3. The applicant directors can participate with only one short film.
4. The films must have English subtitles.

The application deadline for the contest is July 25, 2022. Applications will be made through the "https://filmfreeway.com/InternationalDystopiaFilmFestival" address.
The short films that do not correspond with the rules of participation and are not submitted before the deadline are excluded from the contest without warning the applicant director.

The evaluation will be carried out in two steps by the preliminary jury and the main jury. The preliminary jury is selected by the festival management and consists of 5 people. After the elimination by the preliminary jury, 7 short films will be nominated as finalists. The preliminary evaluation results will be announced to the public on the festival website and by the press. The owners of the films that was selected by the preliminary jury will be notified directly by mail. The films that qualify as finalists will be evaluated by the main jury that consists of 5 people. The main jury is selected by the festival management.

The directors participating the contest are deemed to accept and agree all the rules of the Contest Guidelines. The copyright responsibility of music, images, pictures, and texts used in the film belongs entirely to the owner of the film.