Submit your entries by April 10th with the offer of 𝟑𝟎€ 𝐢𝐧𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐚𝐝 𝐨𝐟 𝟒𝟎€, so that your films qualify for the March Awards and automatically continue to the Competition Section of the Final Festival Awards that will take place from August 3rd to August 11th 2024 .

Submit your entry now!
The 11th International Documentary Festival of Ierapetra & Awards, offers you the opportunity to submit your documentaries now, in order to compete in the monthly awards of the Festival for February. Winners will automatically qualify to compete for the annual Festival awards, taking place from August 3rd to 25th, 2024.

This year, the 11th Festival is dedicated to diversity. It is worth noting that films from all thematic sections will be eligible at the end of each month to compete for the annual awards in August. The rich thematic sections of the Festival include: human rights, recordings of memory, docudrama, young directors, true stories, climate change, environment, the role of women, Greek Panorama, views of the world, human portrait, violence, war threat, diversity, socio-political discrimination, religious conflicts, racism, migration, as well as themes related to all forms of art and culture, such as folklore, customs, mythology, history, biographies, ethnographies, journeys, and travel-tourist documentaries.

The 11th International Documentary Festival of Ierapetra & Awards, promotes the best documentaries from Greece and around the world for screening in its’ competitive section. Ierapetra, the southernmost city in Europe, a crossroads of cultures and continents, will once again host a plethora of films and artists from the ends of the earth. The judging panels consist of international recognition personalities.

The film files must be in mp4 format and must have embedded English and Greek subtitles (in case of foreign dialogue).

Our 5-star and Gold-rated festival holds the EFFE quality seal.

Our trailer will soon be posted at the following link:

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2nd International Feature Award
3rd International Feature Award
1st International Short Award
2nd International Short Award
3rd International Short Award
1st Feature Greek Award
2nd Feature Greek Award
3rd Feature Greek Award
1st Short Greek Award
2nd Short Greek Award
3rd Short Greek Award
Special Jury Award
Directing Award
Photography Award
Festival Awards
Audience Awards

The International Documentary Festival of Ierapetra (IDFI) is organized by Xrysea nonprofit corporation, from August 3rd to 25th, 2024.
Film viewing has been scheduled at theaters and amphitheaters (Melina Mercury, Inner hall “Tzami”, Venetian Castle, Amphitheater “Steki Neolaias”) and at external places (“Tzami Square”, “Amphitheater Minos”, “Steki Neolaias Square” ).

IDFI’s main purpose is the promotion of Art of Documentary making, presenting a multifaceted universal film program during the event. One of the important aims of the festival is the promotion and the diffusion of documentary production, as well as the cooperation and the
development of esprit of friendship amongst the artists. However, equally important is highlighting the local civilization and especially the Minoan one and its contribution to Universal Culture. The aim of IDFI is, therefore, the qualitative upgrade of cultural and intellectual life in local, national and international levels, because we believe that culture and cultivation of the intellect are indispensable requisites of our lives.
The IDFI is an annual institution and is divided into the Competition Section of Awards and also the Panorama where international or national documentary productions (awarded or not), are viewed.

a. Production Year of All the Contest Section films should be 2021‐2024.
b. All Greek and foreign Directors have the right to participate, irrelevantly if they live and work in Greece or abroad.
c. Participation right to the Competition Section have all Documentaries with subjects under the following topics:
Human Rights Environment
Recordings of Memory Climate Change
Docudrama Role of Women
Views of the World Violence
True Stories War Threat
Greek Panorama Migration
Human Journeys Racism
Human Portrait Diversity
Young Directors Socio-Political Discrimination
Religious Conflicts Folklore
Customs Mythology
History Biographies
Ethnographies Travel-Tourist Documentaries
d. The Documentaries are divided into short films (duration up to 45 minutes) and feature films (duration from 45 until 120 minutes).
e. The festival accepts the following film formats for viewing: mp4 file with HD resolution or Vimeo link or link with HD resolution.
f. Special attention will be given to the film’s artistic quality as a total. Also to the Documentary theme and to the direction’s exclusivity and originality. Films which do not fulfill the above features will be excluded from the IDFI.
g1. The films will be viewed with original dialogues and the foreign films must have Greek subtitles in mp4 file. The films will be screened in their original language, with Greek subtitles in mp4 file.
g2. If dialogues are Greek, the film must have English subtitles.
g3. Film copies for the pre-selection process will be submitted with Greek subtitles in mp4 file (if they are in foreign language).
g4. At the Competition Section only one film per participant and film category will be accepted.
g5. IDFI is strictly a cultural institution. Viewing fees will not be given to any film.

Film Directors and Producers are obliged to complete and submit the participation form, in which technical data of the documentary will be stated. They are also obliged to comply with the terms and rules of the festival.
a. Deadline for submissions is June 2nd, 2024.
b. The same deadline (June 2nd, 2024) applies also in case an application form has been e-mailed by the director or producer. In this case the signed hard copy of the application form and the copies of the film (mp4 file in HD Resolution) should be sent by registered mail
to the festival address:
International Documentary Festival of Ierapetra Secreteriat
Stratigou Samouil 22 Ierapetra Greece, 72200,
Tel. 2842110938, Mob. 6948541393
Astrous 100, Kolonos, Athens, 10442
c. The festival will contact only the selected film directors/ producers until June 30th 2024.
d. After submitting the application, the director or producer have no right to withdraw their application for any reason.
e. Participation details and application form can be found at the festival site:
All applications should include:
Application form properly filled in and signed by the director and the producer plus accompanying material consisted of:
1. Mp4 file in HD resolution.
2. Vimeo link in HD resolution to download it.
The above mp4 files should have embedded Greek subtitles (in case of English dialogues) or English (in case of Greek dialogues).
3. Film Summary (up to 140 words) in Greek (optional for foreign participants) and in English in digital format.
4. Director’s Biography (up to 70 words) in Greek (optional for foreign participants) and in English in digital format.
5. Four (4) snapshots of the film (horizontal) and one (1) director’s photo, preferably 10Χ15 cm. at 300 dpi or corresponding size.
6. Director’s Filmography as a column from latest to oldest (Date, Title, Genre) in Greek and in English in digital format
7. Trailer / DEMO of the film in DVD disk for viewing.
8. Supplementary advertising material (posters, brochures) if available.
7. Hosting: IDFI will host the film director for one night.
8. Organizers have the right to arrange accordingly any issue not covered by these terms and regulations.
9 Scenes from the documentary (less of 10% of total duration) can be used for publicity purposes (internet, TV etc.)
10. The Festival has the privilege to show the selected Documentaries in other affiliated Festivals, strictly for cultural and social purposes.

Overall Rating
  • Karin Lee

    It was an honour for my film Incorrigible to screen and be awarded 1st prize for Best International short length Documentary Film. Thank you for showing this film about my subject - Greek Canadian Velma Demerson.

    October 2023
  • Kerem Soyyilmaz

    Thanks for the selection, and the award!

    September 2023
  • Matthias Kyska

    A festival that wants to make money off filmmakers - avoid at all costs!

    The first thing to say is that independent filmmakers all over the world are facing financial problems. But this is even more true in developing countries, where it is becoming increasingly difficult to finance films. We in Turkey are facing hyperinflation and independent filmmaking is only possible because many people in the team work without a salary.

    So I was shocked to learn that the International Documentary Festival of Ierapetra is asking filmmakers for money (150 euros) to have Greek subtitles made. What an ironic and tragic paradox that a film festival, instead of supporting the filmmakers, weakens them financially. After complaining about this and threatening to withdraw our film if the festival did not cover the costs, the festival did.

    It is clear that smaller festivals cannot pay screening fees like the big festivals. But to charge fees to the filmmakers is an unbelievable impertinence.

    So this evaluation is also a warning to all those who want to send their film to this festival in the future: Do not send your films, so that such exploitative practices are not further supported. Filmmakers need support, not damage!

    Apart from this massive problem, communication was also poor. According to the rules, one night's accommodation is paid for the director "7) Hosting: IDFI will host the film director for 1 night." This was never offered to us, nor was a symbolic invitation extended to see us at the festival.

    August 2023
  • I would like to thank the festival for showing the film.

    August 2023
  • Gargantua Film Distribution

    Thanks for screening and awarding DAKAR by Stelios Moraitidis!

    August 2022