The International Children Care Film Festival is organized by Blesh production, association law 1901, based in Paris.

The third edition of the festival will take place in Paris with our Cinéma's partner " Ecoles Cinéma Clubs", 23 rue des Ecoles, 75005 Paris from November 21 th to November 25 th 2023.

Our festival has been the result of a collaboration between independant filmakers and social workers.

On these times of violence and social crisis, our festival wants to focus on the theme of child protection and the various systems of protection childhood around the world with a special focus on the Children rights, but focusing specially on films that show the different forms of violence against children : physical and psychological violence, neglect, sexuel abuses, children prostitution, children exploited at work, migrant children, all addictions, intra-family violences, the dangers of Internet and of the social networks, school harassement, poverty, children illness and disability, exclusion of LGBT youth, political and religious radicalization, child and war...

The prizes are awarded by the juries and the festival public to short and feature films.

The International Children Care Film Festival is now accepting film entries for our third edition (2023 festival)

By submitting your project, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to the following terms and conditions. Only projects that have been submitted by the final deadline and adhere to all terms will be considered for inclusion in the 2023 International Children Care Film Festival.

We welcome submissions via We will not accept DVD or Blu-Ray screeners. In addition, we cannot accept screener links via email. They MUST be attached to your submission. Works in progress will not be considered. Only films in final form shall be considered for entry.

Please read category descriptions carefully to determine where your submission belongs. Submission to multiple categories is not encouraged. If you wish to submit to multiple categories, a separate submission fee must be paid for each category. ICCFF reserves the right to determine eligibility of a submission in each respective category. Refunds will not be offered for submissions to inappropriate categories.

By completing the entry form, you are certifying that you are the rightful owner of the work submitted and own all rights and releases necessary for public screening. All legal clearances and releases including, but not limited to talent, intellectual property, music or stock footage are the responsibility of the filmmaker. Submissions must be free from any legal disputes. The entrant and all filmmakers associated with the project shall indemnify and hold harmless the International Children Care Film Festival, its trustees, employees, and any representative or affiliates from and against any and all claims, liabilities, losses, damages, and expenses (including but not limited to attorney's fees and costs of the court) which may be incurred by reason of any claim involving copyright, trademark, credits, publicity, screening, and loss of or damage to the screening videos entered.

You give to International Children Care Film Festival the permission to use clips or stills of your entry for promotional purposes (including but not limited to television, web, and presentations).

The ICCFF does not pay screening fees for submitted films. By submitting your project, you acknowledge that ICCFF will not pay to present your work.

All foreign language films must be submitted with french and English subtitles. If a submission is missing subtitles, we will attempt to email the entrant for an update. Failure to provide working subtitles by the final submission deadline will result in disqualification without refund of submission fees.

ICCFF reserves the right to disqualify any submission without refund at the sole discretion of ICCFF staff, even after a film has been invited or final programming has been announced.

Films chosen for competition will be judged by a panel of evaluators who work in the motion film industry and in human rights activism. Awards will be determined by the sole discretion of the evaluators. In the event that the evaluators cannot make a determination, or another controversy emerges, then a committee selected by the Executive Director of the ICCFF will make any final decision regarding awards. Awards will be announced during the awards ceremony at the festival, and all competition films are highly encouraged to have a representative in attendance.

Filmmakers will be notified of their entry status (including whether their film has been received and qualifies for evaluation). Please note that this date is subject to change. Please do not email festival organizers to check the status of your film.

The Children Care Film Festival offers several sections IN and OUT of competition in the genres of Fiction, Animation, Documentary.

In competition

• Short Films and Feature films

Out of competition

Outside the walls (Short and Feature films)
Caravan of Films abroad (Short and Feature films)

The selection committee reserves the right to choose the category in which a film is screened.


These rules are available in French and in English. In case of disagreement on its interpretation, the French version will prevail. The festival reserves the right to take any decision relating to matters not resolved by this document.

Applications for registration for selection to the International Children Care Film Festival imply full acceptance of these rules.

Films screened at the International Children Care Film Festival are chosen by a selection committee whose decisions are final.

There is a charge for registering one or more films for the festival. Refer to the registration fees on our FilmFreeway page.

Only films meeting all of the following conditions are accepted :

• Professional and / or self-produced short and feature films or produced in the framework of a film school.
• The festival accepts films without restriction of date of production.
• For short films, the maximum duration is increased to 59 minutes.
• Short and feature films must be in French language OR must be subtitled in French AND in English.


Registration is done from our FilmFreeway page :


Directors, producers / distributors of the selected films will be notified by email on May 2022

For each film selected IN and OUT of the competition, the festival requests that it be sent :

1. DCP (sending can be done electronically or by post) :
• Mandatory WITH English subtitles for films made in French
• Mandatory WITH French AND English subtitles for films made in a language other than French and English.

2. Projection copy .MOV (quicktime), MPEG-4 H264, (sending can be done electronically or by post):
• Mandatory WITH English subtitles for films made in French
• Mandatory WITH French AND English subtitles for films made in a language other than French and English.

3. An HD link with password with english/french subttitles

4. Synopsis of the film in French AND English

5.The filmography and biography of the director IN French AND in English (500 words maximum).

The selection of a film implies that the director, school, producer, distributor or any other authorized person must send, before July 15, 2022, their agreement to the presentation of the selected film and the materials relating to the film. (poster, synopsis, photos of the film, trailer…).

No compensation may be requested by directors, production or distribution companies for the screening of films IN and OUT of competition.

The beneficial owners of the selected films yield to the Festival the rights to fair use and reproduction of film photographs, or excerpts (under 3 min) for distribution in publications and on the Festival’ website, in the press and on television antenna.
All submissions imply the acceptance of Festival regulations.

The official selection will be announced around the 1 of August 2023.

Rules and Terms will be send by email for signature to all submitters and their selected films.

Overall Rating
  • Hui Tan

    It is my great honor to receive your announcement!
    I deeply appreciate International Children Care Film Festival to provide this opportunity for filmmakers to represent their films and share their experiences!
    Tan, Hui

    December 2022
    Response from festival:

    You are welcome ! Thank you Hui Tan for your film focusing on children protection. Your film is full of love... love that children need to be protected, even when the family dont have enough money....

  • Gisela Chicolino

    A festival of this topic is really a necessary one. Please keep working on generating this exquisite programming for the audiences.

    July 2022
  • Sara Bahramjahan

    Thanks for my favorite festival. A principled look at children's rights will lead to a better society. I am happy that the Childfree documentary was able to receive a honorable mention in International Children Care film festival.

    July 2022
  • We were absolutely proud, honored and delighted to have been selected to screen 'From Under The Bridge: When Bullies Become Trolls' at the International Children Care Film Festival, which is a crucial and incredibly meaningful festival. And we were happy to travel to Paris to attend the event. The communication from the director was excellent, and the hospitality was outstanding. The opening day was glorious, with a lovely cultural theme, which contributed to the overall uniqueness of the festival. Additionally, we could not have been made to feel more welcome by both the organizers AND the audience. The director and coordinators accommodated our screening scheduling request (based on our current filming and travel schedules) and devoted resources to help translate discussions and questions before AND after the screening. It truly was an amazing experience, which will be embedded in me personally for the rest of my life. Thank you Malika and the entire festival team for including us in your festival. We appreciate you and as stated at the event, you are welcome to visit us any time in California. Cheers to you and congratulations on a successful festival.

    July 2022
  • They kept me in the loop of everything that went on at the festival, sadly I couldn't attend, but I hope this great festival continues to grow each year and do their important mission!

    July 2022