The International Health Awareness Film Festival is organised by Catharsis and it's partners :
United Nations (UN) , Tunisian Ministry of Health , Tunisian Ministry of Culture, multiple cinema/art institutes ...
Our goal is to raise awarness around multiple health subjects through Cinema ( Short Films/ Spot)
55 countries have already participated in previous sessions.
The event takes place in the City of Culture , Tunis along with the livestream.
A Health Seminar will take place multiple multimedia and health experts will share their expertise on the subject.
-The Registration and submission of the film are 100% FREE !-

4 Prizes
1.Mental Health : 2000 TND
2.Gender-related violence : 2000 TND
3.Cancer :2000 TND
4.Spot : 2000TND

NB: The prizes are given as cash (locally in Tunisia) or as a form of a paid vacation of the same amount(Tunisia).

-The submitted film must be health-related : one of the proposed themes (Mental Health ,Gender-related violence ,Cancer ) or another theme that is health related (Spot).
-This is a short film festival : The maximum length of the submitted film must be shorter than 10 minutes .
-For the spot , the maximum length allowed is 60 seconds.
-The submitted film can be in the proposed languages : English , French and Arab . If not , the film must have sub-titles in one of the proposed languages .

- All nominees agree to our terms of service related to Health Film Festival Mainly:

IMPORTANT: Article 8 of the internal regulations of the International Health Awarness Film Festival
I authorize by this submission to CATHARSIS the distribution of the participating film for educational health purposes free of charge while respecting intellectual property without any restriction either in time or in communication channels.(YouTube included)

Overall Rating
  • Antonio Montefalcone

    Here a my short movie, "The silence of God", was judged Selected. It was a pleasure being part at the Health Film Festival 2022, and I want to thank the organizers very much.
    To next year!

    October 2022
  • Festival was nothing less than fantastic. The process was easy, and the timeliness of their communication and selection was great! It's a good feeling when your work is recognized by a panel of professionals in the industry. I highly recommend this festival.

    October 2022
  • filmby Adeolu

    Nice festival. what a great experience

    October 2022
  • Kevin Lucero Less

    Fantastic festival with a benevolent message and focus on awareness. Thank you so very much for giving our film "The Malady" an opportunity with all these amazing filmmakers. Cheers!

    October 2022