The Indigenous People Fest DIFFERENCE:
> Laser Focused Marketing [promotion, exposure, etc.] Suggestions for Your Screening Film
> Learn How to Blowout Your Film Festival Selection Percentage & Numbers - CHEAPLY
> On Site Direct Sales Brainstorming Targets Your Distinct Film and MORE

Because a film maker does not get much from a film festival that he or she does not attend, our 40 miles from Los Angeles annual gatherings are more short film marketing desert retreats than film festivals. That means we need you to be in attendance at our Fest.

Further, to even be considered by our Official Selection Committee, submitters must include in their FilmFreeway COVER LETTER proof that they are ready to market their film. That proof includes supplying:
1. A Statement of what makes your particular film Indigenous
2. The Street Address of the Representative that would attend your film’s screening plus explore its marketing plan
3. The Film’s URL Address with Poster published therein
4. Your Film’s YouTube publically published under 30 second commercial
5. A Promise that the Screening Film will not be available to the public until after its IPF 2019 screening.

With Official Selections being announced within days of a submission’s COMPETITION, screening in the new Solamonte Movie Theaters are short films BY, ABOUT, FOR, WITH and/or NEAR to the World's Indigenous People.

As all humans are Indigenous to some land on Earth, we showcase diverse stories of original peoples.

So for instance, a short film BY a Caucasian film maker who lives and/or works in Europe would be an indigenous film.
Of course any short film ABOUT original people’s lives today or in the past (such as a work concerning African culture) is an indigenous film.
A short film designed FOR viewing by a group of indigenous people (such as an Asian political documentary) to us is an indigenous film.
A short film shot physically NEAR indigenous people (such as a movie shot in the Australian Outback) qualifies as an indigenous film.
Or for example, an American film created in cooperation WITH any of that two (2) continent’s original people would be called by us an indigenous film.

As well, being more of a marketing retreat than we are a film festival, during the total Holiday film makers are engaged in discussions about how a larger market can be found for their screening films.

For all IPF ~ California screened films, the short's representative in attendance at the Awards presentation receives an IPF commemorative print of their film's poster, signed by the Fest Director plus framed and matted in 16X20 size.

The Single Audience Selected GRAND PRIZE AWARD includes:
1. Entertainer.Academy submits the winning film to targeted festivals around the world by paying up to $100.00 in submission fees. (The first ever IEFF GRAND PRIZE winner received 12 submissions on 3 continents to 5 countries and 5 United States. Those submissions resulting in a more than 50% selection rate including: Hollywood's famous TCL Chinese 6 Theatre, a tour of schools and a tour of Romania plus multiple awards were won from those selections such as the World Film Fair 2018 Best Short Film award in New York City’s Theatre District and finally that Short will be distributed Worldwide as the Film accompanying
3. GRAND PRIZE Certificate
4. GRAND PRIZE TROPHY awarded live ONLY at the Holiday closing Awards presentation

NOTE: The FilmFreeway COVER LETTER button becomes available once one places their submission into the Cart.

Below are submission COMPLETENESS requirements that must be listed in the submission platform’s COVER LETTER in order for the submitted film to be considered by the IPF Official Selection Committee:

1. In your FilmFreeway COVER LETTER must be a statement that is no more than two sentences long which details what makes the submitted film Indigenous

2. Since IPF is more of a film maker retreat than a film festival, submitters must include in their COVER LETTER the street address of the representative who will attend the submitted film's total screening block, if selected

3. The submitted film’s address with POSTER URL must be in the COVER LETTER

4. The submitted film’s Under 30 Second Commercial YouTube URL address must be listed in the submission COVER LETTER

5. Other than works available through, starting with the film’s submission date, until October 15, 2019, the submitted short film must be available to the public ONLY through screening at other live, limited number of dates film festivals and/or through a code protected online video post. Please include in your COVER LETTER a statement that the submitted Film will not be available to the public prior to its Indigenous People Fest screening.
Further, Indigenous People Fest will give Official Selection preference to submissions that use a Vimeo code protected post as a linked screener on their submission platform.
Exceptions to the Indigenous People Fest public accessibility rule will be made on a case-by-case basis. Please send to email@Entertainer.Academy the submission’s reason for needing to be such an exception.

6. Submitter must have all of the film’s screening rights secured

7. For a film to be considered by the IPF Official Selection Committee, the submitter must pay the submission fee enforce at the time that the submission becomes COMPLETE

8. Official Selection Committee decisions are final

9. No submission fee refunds

Overall Rating
  • Rodrigo Moreno-Fernandez

    Great fest! Love being part of it.

    October 2018