"In Short" is an episodic television program that airs statewide on Colorado television and worldwide digitally via Rocky Mountain PBS. The series is co-presented by RMPBS and Colorado College, with production overseen by the Colorado College Film and Media Studies Program. "In Short" features fictional, documentary, animated, and experimental short films made by undergraduate, graduate, and qualifying high school filmmakers from across Colorado.


We are now accepting entries for Season 5 of In Short, airing sometime 2022-23.

Your film must be of high quality, demonstrate creative work that reveals emotion, tell a great story, and show us something new about our world!

Submissions are open to high school, undergraduate, and graduate-level students who made their films while enrolled in an academic program within Colorado. Films do not need to have been created as part of an academic course. We accept work of any genre, from individuals or groups, and completed works can range from 30 seconds to 25 minutes.

Films will be broadcast on public television, so please consider this when determining whether your piece is appropriate. Edgy content is welcome, but any explicit sex, profanity, or violence must serve the story in a thought-provoking way and will be carefully screened for appropriateness and broadcast on Rocky Mountain PBS. Harsh language must be pre-censored via mask and/or beep tone prior to delivery, and notated within a corresponding document including the timecode and nature of any pre-censored or explicit content.

Work will be curated, captioned, and produced by the Colorado College Film and Media Studies Program in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

The technical quality of each piece should be sufficient for broadcast and be able to be delivered at the following minimum specifications:

Resolution: 1920x1080
Codec: .h264 or Quicktime ProRes 422 or ProRes 422 HQ
Audio peak: -12 db
All text: 16x9 title safe

If the completed film is approved for In Short, yet does not fit these specs, we can attempt to work with you to help *if* you have your master media and project files. Similarly, if we love your film but see areas where changes may be needed in order to air, we will contact you with suggested edits, for which you would also need your media and project file.

You must own all rights to your film, including: All music, all footage, location releases, asset releases, appearance releases, etc. Neither Rocky Mountain PBS nor Colorado College is responsible for copyright issues regarding the films we select to air on the network. If selected, you will sign a legal release warranting that you hold all rights to your submitted content.