The Ibadan Film Festival is a three-day event showcasing different short and featured films. We will have many screenings of the best new short and feature films from all over Nigeria. Films submitted will be discussed by directors, distributors, actors, movie producers and the participating audience.

The Ibadan Film Festival will entertain and educate people about films, also drawing from the parallel experience of other film festivals we will further investigate the myths and realities of film production, distribution and royalties. Our organization mission is to bring communities together via the medium of film and to support the creativity of upcoming filmmakers. We will achieve these goals in a variety of ways: producing extraordinary events, giving out grants to filmmakers, and educating the filmmakers/individuals about film production.
The festival will attract not only film production experts but anyone interested in being a filmmaker in Nigeria. Each screening day will be preceded with training, symposium, while on the final day we will close the event with a celebration. We also look forward to partnering with innovative brands as sponsors to bring the event to our desired audience.

Best Supporting Actor( Female)
Best Actor (Female)
Best Animation
Best Nigerian Film
Best Feature Film
Best Cinematography
Best Editing
Best Documentary
Best Screenplay
Best Actor (Male)
Best Supporting Actor (Male)
Best Short Film
Best Production Design
Best Director
Best Sound Design
Best Child Actor (Male)
Best Student Film
Best Child Actor (Female)

1. Entrants must be 16 years old or over at the time of submission.
2. We are looking for short films, with a maximum duration of 20 minutes. Remember, less is more!
3. Films must be the original work of the entrants and must have been produced since 1 January 2021.
4. Ibadan Film Festival does not accept films promoting a product or company.
5. Entrants must have obtained clearance for all copyrighted music and any other copyrighted material used in their films.
6. Written permission must have been obtained from all the people actively appearing in the film. This is usually done by way of a release form.
7. Any entry not in the English language must have English subtitles embedded in the film.
8. Entries should be submitted electronically only via FilmFreeway.
9. To be considered for the 2023 competition entries must be received by the final deadline. Filmmakers can submit more than one film, and each film can be entered in more than one category. At the discretion of the judges, a film may be considered for an additional category or award at no extra cost to the entrant.
10. Your status on FilmFreeway will acknowledge the receipt of your submission.
11. Filmmakers whose work is ‘Officially Selected’ will be notified by August 21.
12. Details of the Official Selections will be posted on the Ibadan Film Festival website. Please note that selected films should be made available for festival screening and streaming online.
13. Ibadan Film Festival reserves the right to refuse entry for any reason at its absolute discretion.
14. The decision of the judges is final. We will not enter into correspondence or discussion concerning any decision.
15. As well as awarding laurels for Official Selections and the winners of the categories, there will be an overall prize for the Best Film of the festival.
16. The entry is made at the entrant’s own expense and Ibadan Film Festival shall not be liable for reimbursing any expenses incurred in making an entry.
17. Ibadan Film Festival and associated parties accept no responsibility for any misuse of intellectual property rights.
18. Ibadan Film Festival has the right to use images and a maximum of 45 seconds from selected films for promotional or festival screenings or on the Ibadan Film Festival websites or for press or media purposes. Occasionally IIFF may wish to screen a selected film outside of the festival, in all instances permission will be sought from the filmmaker in advance.
19. Ibadan Film Festival has the right to use the film for its archive film library for viewing by other film festivals and organisations.

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