The International Vegan Film Festival (IVFF) is an IMDb-qualifying film festival where cinematic creativity converges with advocacy. Since our inception in 2018 as the first-ever vegan-themed film festival, our annual November showcase in Toronto has become a pivotal event in the global vegan movement.

At IVFF, our mission extends beyond the screen — we aim to spread the message of compassion, celebrate creatives championing positive change, and foster a global network uniting artists, activists, funders, and organizations working towards a kinder world for all living beings. We give film awards in 8 different categories, and first/second/third place awards for vegan cookbooks, each with an accompanying monetary prize.

Every film submission, whether selected for the festival or not, will receive feedback from our judges. Our mission is to help you become the best creator you can be, so that you're empowered to use your talents for positive change.

For filmmakers attending in person, IVFF offers an exclusive Filmmaker Q&A session, providing a platform to share insights, stories, and connect with a diverse global audience. Additionally, our special filmmaker's giveaway enhances the in-person experience, offering a chance to win top-tier filmmaking equipment. These special programs curated specifically for filmmakers add an exciting layer to the in-person experience, providing you with valuable photo-opts for promotion and tools for your next cinematic endeavor.

Your submission to IVFF connects you with a community that transcends the traditional film festival experience. Submit your film to IVFF and be part of a cultural celebration where art, advocacy, and community converge. Make sure to join us in Toronto for an enriching festival experience!

When you submit your film to The International Vegan Film Festival (IVFF), you're automatically in the running for our World Tour Screenings. These specially curated screenings, in collaboration with international organizations, provide an opportunity for your work to be seen by diverse audiences around the world. By entering the festival, you're giving us permission to screen your film for this unique global showcase. If selected for the World Tour, you will be notified separately. Let's join forces in spreading compassion worldwide!

Awards are presented in 8 categories.

Vegan-Themed Feature Film (longer than 45 minutes)

Health and Nutrition (any length): Exploring the positive benefits of a vegan or plant based diet in all aspects of health, including but not limited to athletic performance, chronic disease prevention and reversal, mental health, etc.

Environmental Protection (any length): How animal agriculture harms the planet and how plant based and vegan lifestyles can reduce environmental impact.

Animal Advocacy (any length): How veganism and plant based lifestyles can break the chain of suffering that is endemic to animal agriculture, including but not limited to the work of animal advocates, animal rescue stories, educational pieces, undercover investigations, etc.

Lifestyle (any length): Vegan choices in clothing, travel, cooking, etc. and highlighting the ways that advocates spread their message through activism, art, community etc.

Intersectional (any length): Exploring the intersection between animal rights, human rights, and/or environmental issues including but not limited to environmental racism, food justice, food deserts, food insecurity, etc. Submissions must feature animal rights and/or the effects of animal animal agriculture as a central theme.

Public Service Announcement (under 5 minutes): A short message or advertisement in the public interest disseminating information quickly and efficiently, with the objective of raising awareness of, and changing public attitudes and behavior towards, a topic related to veganism, animal rights, environmental protection, etc. Horizontal or vertical orientation.

Social Media Advocacy (under 90 seconds): A social media video under 90 seconds disseminating information creatively and efficiently, with the objective of raising awareness of, and changing public attitudes and behavior towards, a topic related to veganism, animal rights, environmental protection, etc. Vertical orientation, entrants are encouraged to submit multiple entries.

1. Individual films can be entered into several categories and filmmakers may submit more than one film.
2. Film Festival reserves the right to make the final decision on the category of any film entered.
3. Awards may be presented to the director or the producer of the film. There is no guarantee that the jury will award a prize if its members do not feel that the work is of the quality required.
4. Winners will be announced during the award ceremonies on Saturday, November 16, 2024. The jury reserves the right to not present an award, and its decisions will be final.
5. A non-refundable fee must accompany each submission. It will be used to defray the cost of producing the International Vegan Film Festival.

Please ensure you read the Rules and Terms in their entirety as the dispatching of any
entry to the International Vegan Film Festival implies acceptance of these procedures
and regulations by the Entrant:
1. Completed films need to be uploaded at the time of entry. We do not accept
rough cuts, trailers or unfinished projects and are unable to consider new versions of films once they’re entered.
2. Films produced in the years 2022, 2023, and 2024 are eligible for submission.
3. Entries can be of any duration in either narrative, story, animated or experimental art form and can be submitted by professional or amateur filmmakers.
4. Screening fees will not be paid by the Festival.
5.Filmmakers from any country may enter the Festival, and are encouraged to attend the Festival.
6. Entries with soundtracks in any language other than English MUST have English subtitles, be dubbed in English, or be accompanied by an English translation of the dialogue and/or narration. We recommend a sans-serif font with maximum readability against both light and dark backgrounds.
7. All films submitted will be considered for subsequent screenings. If your film is selected, we will contact you to arrange a separate licensing agreement.
8. The Entrant grants the Festival, its successors, and the Festival’s World Tour Screening Program licensees and assigns the right to copy and version the entry in its entirety to facilitate technical operations of the Festival, in and through any and all media formats now known or hereafter devised.
9. The Entrant grants the Festival, its successors, and the Festival’s World Tour Screening Program, licensees and assigns the right to use up to five minutes from the entry AND accompanying photos submitted to the Festival for promotional purposes of the Festival and its activities in or through any and all media formats now known or hereafter devised, including, but not limited to, the Internet throughout the universe.
10. An admission charge will be made to the public in order to defray the costs of the Festival.
11. By submitting a film, the applicant represents that he or she has obtained consent from any and all owners, creators, writers, producers and/or other authorized representatives of the film whose consent is required to submit the film to the Festival and screen the film at the Festival, and has read, understood and agreed to the Terms.
12. All participants release the Festival, sponsors and their affiliates, partners and employees from any and all liability, claims, demands, and causes of action for third party claims (including intellectual property claims), personal injury and/or damage, theft, or loss suffered in connection with this Festival or the use or acceptance of the prize or any portion thereof.
13. If the Festival is made aware of any concerns that a film does not constitute the original work of the applicant, then the Festival has the right to contact the applicant and ask for evidence of the contrary. After careful consideration of said evidence, the Festival’s decision to allow the film to remain in the official selection or not is in its sole discretion and is final.
14. The Festival may accept late submissions in its sole and absolute discretion. The Festival may also invite certain films and filmmakers, at its sole and absolute discretion.
The Entrant acknowledges and agrees that all matters will be decided by Festival organizers or the Festival jury at their sole discretion.
15. The Rules and Terms & Conditions are subject to Canadian law and any dispute that is not resolved by consultation between the parties shall be referred to the courts of Ontario, Canada.

Normally, we cannot accept late film entries into competition due to the timing of our programming logistics. However, if you feel strongly that your project is a worthy candidate and that the final version of your film will be completed by 30th June 2024, you may apply for a late entry and we will consider your application. To request details and an application form, please email In the meantime, please do not enter unfinished films, rough cuts or trailers into competition as we can only accept completed films. Enquiries made after 1st July 2024 will not be considered.

If your film is selected as a finalist, you will be asked to provide at least three (3) high resolution images from the film to be reproduced, published and/or exhibited for promotional purposes as they pertain to the International Vegan Film Festival. To help us promote your film, we will require urls to 2 trailers for public viewing; 1 short version 15 - 60 seconds and 1 longer (over 60 seconds) that will be used on our various marketing platforms.

The Entrant agrees to indemnify International Vegan Film Festival, their respective successors, assigns, licensees, and their respective officers, directors, members, agents and employees and hold them harmless from and against any and all claims, liability, losses, damages, costs, expenses (including reasonable legal fees) and penalties arising out of, resulting from, based upon or incurred because of a breach by the Entrant of any statement, representation or warranty made by the Entrant in this entry form.

By entering the film competition, the Entrant represents and warrants that: a) The Entrant hereby grants International Vegan Film Festival the rights to use the film as outlined in this entry form. b) It owns all right, title and interest, including the copyright and all intellectual property rights, in and to the film being submitted to the Festival and has the right to distribute, exhibit and promote the film in or through all media formats now known or hereafter devised, including, but not limited to, the Internet throughout the universe. c) All music licenses (including, without limitation, all synchronization, mechanical and master - use licenses, as applicable) have been obtained and all payments have been made that are required for the public performance of the music incorporated in the film. d) No material in the film being submitted by the Entrant to the Festival is libelous or is slanderous or defamatory or violates any right of privacy or publicity of any person, and the full use of the rights in such film will not violate any rights, including copyright or moral rights, of any person, firm or corporation. e) To the extent that the Film Producer may now or in the future be entitled to any so-called moral, author’s or similar rights in the film pursuant to the Copyright Act (Canada) or otherwise, the Producer hereby irrevocably waives and relinquishes all such rights in favor of the Festival and its assignees and licensees to the fullest extent permitted by law. f) By entering the International Vegan Film Festival, the entrant acknowledges and agrees to all entry Rules and Terms.

Overall Rating
  • Ray Kowalchuk

    The International Vegan Film Festival has been a critically important fixture of the vegan movement since its inception in 2018 (in which my film, Evan's Video About Climate Change, was selected and screened). I was delighted to return with an entry this year, another short environmental animation called the Animal Climate Controversy. To experience a range of styles, messages, and amplitudes of emotion over the course of an evening is an experience I would recommend for everyone.

    Are vegan films tough to watch? Sure, some are. I really appreciate how the IVFF puts the most challenging films right before the intermission and invites people to respect their own sensitivities and go for a snack or bathroom break.

    Opportunities exist to participate in the execution of future festivals - contact Shawn Stratton for details.

    December 2023
  • It was amazing that my debut short film 'Saved by Jane' was selected to be screened in the animals advocacy category at this years festival!

    Well done to the worthy winners and thanks to Shawn and Annie for creating a festival for vegan themed films!

    November 2022
  • Paula Fouce

    The International Vegan Film Festival is stellar! The Staff is superb, they also have a global touring schedule afterwards that really connects with audiences to spread the word about important films and issues. Shawn is extemely helpful and the public on social media is excited about this Festival!

    November 2021
  • The International Vegan Film Festival was an outstanding event that welcomed several amazing films in 2020, which touched upon several important topics around the wellbeing and protection of sentient beings.

    The management behind the festival was very communicative and active on social media to help support my film, which I genuinely appreciated. I would definitely encourage other filmmakers to apply to this top-quality film festival, which still in its early years, has built up a solid reputation.

    December 2020
  • Jonathan Rosenberry

    I found this festival to be extremely well organized and I was very impressed with how they made it work this year given that it needed to be virtual. The director of the festival, Shawn, was wonderful to work with and very responsive with is communication.

    October 2020