The INTERNATIONAL MUSIC FILM & VIDEO FESTIVAL URTIcanti is a festival and a competition dedicated to short films, short docufilms and works of video art to promote contemporary author music as a written or electroacoustic work. This specification excludes works of a specifically commercial nature.

The mission of the project is to popularise contemporary art music through images. It often happens that the non-expert listener perceives contemporary art music as an abstract, even too intellectual form of expression, and ends up distancing himself from it. In today's scenario in which the image is an almost indispensable element of every communication process, resorting to visual support - short films, short docufilms and works of video art - can serve to break down certain prejudices.
This Festival intends to make use of the concrete elements that images reveal so that contemporary music is closer and more easily accessible to an audience, even of nonexperts. As a mirror of the performance, the image on the screen has the power to illuminate the resonant body (the actual musical instrument) but also the body of the performer, increasing the communicative charge of contemporary music pieces. In the cinema, it is no coincidence that, in addition to the music, the protagonist is the performer: making the performer's effort visible, highlighing the gestures, timbre, and corporeity of both sound and instrument, illuminating the sound sources, making visible details that remain in the shadows during the concert, are the objectives that the INTERNATIONAL MUSIC FILM & VIDEO FESTIVAL URTIcanti sets itself to encourage an empathetic encounter with contemporary music.

The following prizes will be awarded out of 3 final nominations, for
both Categories (Senior and Student):
• best short film
• best short docufilm
• best video art work

For each of the three Sections, the following prizes will be awarded out of 3 final nominations, for both Categories (Senior and Student):
• best director
• best soundtrack
• best sound
• best photography
• best musical interpretation (for live performances)

In addition, the following special prizes will be awarded
• best work made under 20 (Senior Category)
• best work made by the youngest student (Student Category)
• best Italian film
• best film made in the Region of Apulia

For each of the 11 prizes to be awarded, a personalized Trophy, a Parchment, a Certificate and a Laurels will be issued.

The Festival will be divided into the following sections
• International Short Film Competition (maximum length 10 minutes)
• International Short Docufilms Competition (maximum length 20 minutes)
• International Video Art Competition (maximum length 5 minutes)
The duration indications are general, non-objectionable. All exceptions may be considered, according to the sole and unquestionable judgement of the Festival Management.

The INTERNATIONAL MUSIC FILM & VIDEO FESTIVAL URTIcanti is open to short films, short docufilms and video art works from all countries made after 1 January 2021.

Applications for the festival must be submitted via the platform at

Screening copies of selected films & videos must be uploaded by 15 July 2024 in FullHD (1080p) PAL format (both full films & video version and trailer - max 1') to the platform at
[REDACTED]: Regular deadline moved to 31 August 2024.

After this date, films will be excluded from the Festival.

Films & video that do not meet the required format will not be admitted to the Festival.

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Overall Rating
  • Un festival che abbraccia audacemente nuove forme di espressione artistica con un’organizzazione impeccabile!
    Sono grato di aver avuto l'opportunità di prendere parte a questo evento.

    October 2023