INTERFACCIA DIGITALE is a dancescreen award promoted and organized by HANGARTFEST international contemporary dance festival in order to spread the contemporary artistic languages, to encourage creativity through the use of video and to create the conditions for cultural growth based on interdisciplinary artistic exchanges. INTERFACCIA DIGITALE takes place early since 2020.

The Award aims:

- to support the production of new dance video works;
- to promote the use of contemporary expressive languages conveyed through video and new technologies;
- to attract artists from different fields such as the performing arts and the visual arts, facilitating the interaction between artistic languages.

To this end, INTERFACCIA DIGITALE will support the production costs of a new video work with the assignment of a money prize. Then, the new work will be presented out of competition at the next edition of the contest.

Recipients are choreographers, performers and creatives of the performing arts of any nationality, who are at least 18 years old.

The 2024 event will take place in Pesaro / Italy at the Teatro Maddalena from 12 to 13 October 2024 in the presence of the audience, the finalists and the jury. The award ceremony will close the event.

Candidates can entry to INTERFACCIA DIGITALE through an yearly call spread internationally through FilmFreeway.

A money prize of € 1.500 gross is awarded to the winner to sustain the production of a new dance video to be presented to next edition of the contest.

Honorable Mentions are assigned by the juries to the selected Finalists.


By enrolling the Candidates accepts all Rules, Terms and Conditions listed here below. In the event of a dispute, the Italian version of the Rules, Terms and Conditions at shall prevail.

Applicants may enter one video only and pay the entry fee for the handling and management of the selection process.

Entry fees for Regular Deadline: € 15 / € 13 GOLD members of FilmFreeway / €10 young people between the ages of 18 and 24 (at the time of registration).

Entry fees for Early Birds: € 13 / € 10 GOLD members of FilmFreeway.

All videos must be downloadable. Submitted videos must have a HD 1080p resolution and not exceed 2 GB maximum.

Only videos with a duration between 3 minutes to 12 minutes are accepted. The credits must not be included in the duration.

The criteria on which the juries are called to express themselves are:

- creative originality;
- correspondence between concept, script and direction;
- cinematography;
- production;
- music, sound track;
- interaction between artistic languages.

Two independent juries of experts are involved in the selection process:

- the Interdisciplinary Jury composed of choreographers, video makers, photographers, graphic designers and visual artists;
- the Jury of Critics and Scholars composed of dance critics and experts in video and cinematography.

Other two juries are involved in awarding Honorable Mentions:

- the Audience Jury composed of a group of non-experts, but passionate spectators;
- the Jury of Students composed of students from different high schools of artistic sector.

In case of incompatibility between a Candidate and a member of the Jury to whom he / she is related by family, work or other relationships, the juror will abstain from voting. In this case, in order not to penalize the Candidate's score, the vote will be expressed by the Artistic Director of the Festival.

All Submitters that have complied with the terms and conditions of the present Rules, Terms and Conditions can access the Award.

Submitters will receive notification about their admittance or rejection by 15 July 2024.

The name of the admitted submitters will be published on the following Festival website pages: and

The selection process includes 2 levels:
- Candidates selected by the Interdisciplinary Jury access the level of Semifinalists;
- Candidates selected by the Jury of Critics and Scholars access the level of Finalists;

The Winner is selected by the Director of the Festival that gathers the Presidents of the Juries in joint session to share the choice of the winner of the Award.

The Winner of the Award and the Honorable Mentions are chosen among the Finalists.

Each juror expresses his or her satisfaction by assigning a grade from 1 to 10 for each of the imposed criteria.

Credits required:

The finalist Candidates, the recipients of the Honorable Mentions and the Winner of the Award are respectively required to report, as appropriate, one of the following citations in all advertising and promotional activity related to the life of their video:

- Finalist at the Interfaccia Digitale Award 2024
- Special mention at the Interfaccia Digitale Award 2024
- Winner of the Interfaccia Digitale Award 2024.

Furthermore, the Winner must report the following quote in the new work that he presents out of competition at the next edition of the Award:

- Presented out of competition at the Interfaccia Digitale Award 2025.

Final provisions:

By submitting the entry the Candidate declares having read and accepted without reservation the Terms and Conditions set out in these Rules.

​The judgments of the Juries are unquestionable and the Candidate cannot make any claims regarding his/her possible exclusion. In no case the Organizer of the Award, the Director and the members of the Juries are required to justify their choices.

​The Award is open to individuals. 

By submitting the entry the Candidate declares that he/she is the legitimate owner of the work/video/film and release Hangartfest, as Organizer of the Award, from any claim on his/her part, his/her co-authors, performers or subjects who took part in the realization of the work/video/film for any reason, as well as from any recourse by third parties, including future ones.

​​By submitting the entry the Candidate declares that his/her work/video/film is not subject to any restrictions or constraints on reproduction and therefore authorizes Hangartfest to upload it to its social channels and to disseminate it by any means, without time constraints. 

​The Secretariat of the Award maintains relations exclusively with the registered Candidate and not with the other co-authors or entitled parties in any capacity.

​The Organizer of the Award is not obliged to mention any other co-authors and/or holders of credits on its materials (prints, press releases, programmes, website, social media, etc.). It is the Candidate's responsibility to ensure that such citations are included in the credits of the work/video/film.

​By submitting the entry, the Candidate authorises Hangartfest to process his/her personal data in accordance with Legislative Decree 2018/101 and the GDPR (EU Regulation 2016/679).

For causes beyond its will or reasonable control, the Organizer reserves the right to change the Conditions and Terms listed in these Rules without notice.