I, Immigrant
Are you an immigrant? Are you settled and successful in your community, or doggedly trying to get there? Do you feel hopeful?
If so, this project is about you. Pick up a camera and share your story with the rest of humanity. Whatever your age and wherever you reside, tell a compelling story and you could win a prize. The world will be watching!

I, Immigrant is a user-generated film series launched by the nonprofit Cinema Without Borders Foundation (CWB) that aims to further social justice by putting the spotlight on immigrants who have had a positive experience in their adopted communities.

2021 - 2022 Focus Category: I, Immigrant, First Responders & Essential Workers in the Corona War
Did You Know?
More than 1 in 6 U.S. healthcare workers are immigrants. In the states hardest hit by coronavirus, California and New York, more than a third of all healthcare workers are immigrants. US Immigrant First Responders & Essential Workers on the front lines are making to save lives and keep the country running in the brutal battle against the Coronavirus. Essential Workers have not been able to work from home during the shutdown, but rather have continued to go to their normal jobs, bringing them into contact on a daily basis with COVID-19 patients or the general public or fellow workers in unsafe conditions.

We are calling on all US immigrants on the front lines of the Coronavirus War—in the fields of health care, emergency response, public transportation, package delivery, food production or grocery retail — to pick up a camera and share your experience with your fellow Americans. The competition will be held from now through 15 December 2020.

Participation in I, Immigrant main subject and its Focus Category is open to amateur and expert filmmakers alike. Shoot a video between 60 secs to 40 mins-long and submit it to FilmFreeway —from now until August 2022. All entries will be screened by CWB for appropriate content and posted on CWB/I,Immigrant page and the websites of partner organizations.

To learn about the Eligibility to Participate select Rules and for Jury and Awards info select Awards on the top of this page. You may also go to i-immigrant.com

Festival partners so far are Brave New Films, SIMA Awards, Immigrant Magazine, LUCAS – International Festival for Young Film Lovers (Germany), Ramsgate International Film & TV Festival (England) and Veterans Film Festival (Australia)

Juried awards of $1000 to the Best Film

Eligibility to Participate
Participation in I, Immigrant is open to both amateur and professional filmmakers in US except to persons officially responsible for administering, advising, and/or judging the competition. Individuals 16 and younger will require written parental consent to be considered.

Films in languages other than English may be submitted provided they are subtitled in English.

General Theme
The positive impact of immigrants healthcare workers in fighting against Coronavirus.
Genres: Documentary
Content Restrictions
Pornography (child or adult), hate speech, promotion of racial, ethnic, gender-based, and/or religious bigotry, libel, and inciting violence and social disturbance will not be accepted.
Duration: 60 Seconds - 40 minutes
Medium: Digital film shot on a cell phone, video or movie camera

Call for Entries public announcement: NOW
Deadline to submit films: Dec 15, 2020
Start date for online posting on CineEqual: as soon as the first film has been received.
Jury and Audience evaluations: December 1th 2020
Film Competition awards announcement and ceremony at Music Hall Theater, Los Angeles : December 20th 2020

A five-member jury composed of individuals committed to immigrants will evaluate the films and select the award winners.

The films will be judged on how well they communicate the role of immigrant healthcare workers in the war against the Coronavirus in the US. The factors that will be taken into consideration include the context, the audio-visual quality, and the verbal content (if any) of the films.