The International Film Festival is established as a means of supporting and promoting film filmmakers all over the world.

Our mission is to promote up-and-coming artists by providing a gateway to expand their careers in the entertainment industry. We shine a light on the unknown artist of today, helping them become the celebrated filmmakers of tomorrow.

India’s International Short Film festival is a unique Film event in its 1st year that is celebrating the best and most popular independent and studio films from the global film industry, and has wonderful opportunities for the business of film,

We have built a small but exceptional professional network of industry professional that will look at all nominated films entered and will give business and commercial advice, in some cases the distributors attending will make offers to the filmmakers for their work and to work together to put your movies in the world, we have the people and skills in our professional team to make this happen, if the professional attending feel there is a place for your movie, they will as with many films over the years of our other festival make things happen.
We are unique in the amount of platforms and festival we offer filmmakers, we can create a ripple for your movie to be seen around the world, it all starts here by entering your movie.
The Festival is very keen to discover new talent and act as a springboard for creation. The development of the producers network gives filmmakers an opportunity to pitch there future production.
The India’s International Short Film festival will culminate in a glamorous red carpet awards ceremony recognizing unrivaled ideas, productions and film concepts. The Prestige’s Filmmaker Award is presented to the finest films entered, named as a highly prized industry award that recognizes those willing to make those final steps to reach the peak of their profession. The India’s International Short Film festival is a global forum for you to network, discover future trends and achieve commercial success on a worldwide level.
Over the week this unique one-stop media community gives you the chance to network and do business with other like-minded creative filmmakers and their representatives from around the globe,The India’s International Short Film festival is like no other International film Festival, we put you the filmmaker in front of potential investors in any new production you may be considering, we put your movie in front of potential distribution and sales to look at the possibility of offering you real deals and real help for you the filmmaker, look at our program read the short bios of the professional attending, join us .

Best of Fest*
Best Foreign Film*
Best Drama
Best Comedy
Best Animation*
Best Experimental
Best Documentary*

A competitive festival with Certificate, Trophies, Gift prizes and hampers & many more... for best film in each type in all categories.

1. By submitting to the festival you confirm that you own the rights of the film.
2. Non- English-language films must be subtitled in English
here is no restriction on the year of production of the film and limitation on duration and entries at Stuff are open to all International, National, and Regional Films of different tastes & calibers from across the Globe.
• Subtitles: Films can be with dialogs, silent or without dialogs. Films submitted in languages other than Hindi or English must be presented with English subtitles.
• Participants can send multiple entries. However, please submit a separate submission form and entry fee for each film
• Please ensure that you have the permission to enter into the competition and you do not breach any copyright laws and regulations. Any film found to be infringing upon copyright laws will be disqualified.