The Icon Festival for Science Fiction, Fantasy and Role-Playing is held annually in Tel-Aviv (Israel), and runs for 3 days.
The next festival will take place on October 11-13, 2022

The festival's programme features film screenings, lectures, panels, workshops, original theatre productions, the occasional poetry jam, and competitions for the Israeli Science-Fiction and Fantasy loving (or curious) public to enjoy.

Icon is produced by group of non-profit organizations. These work all year round to promote the fandoms and creators of science fiction, fantasy and role-playing games, and to strive to make these genres more accessible to their audience. We also take pride in providing the stage to independent filmmakers and young authors.

The Icon Festival is a seminal cultural event, made possible due to the passion and hard work of hundreds of volunteers, from the festival director to the last but not least staff member. Their only reward is the festival itself as all income is used to pay for the facilities and cover expenses.

Films have to be mainly about science fiction, fantasy, horror (the supernatural kinds).

Overall Rating
  • ├ôscar Llad├│ Alfonso

    Even though we weren't able to attend, the communication was great and they do a great job promoting the short films. Happy to have "Dual Cell" in the 2019 edition and hope that we can have more works in future editions.

    October 2019
  • A great festival, with a great atmosphere and great films. Our film "Moon Drops" screened there in Oct 2019 and we had a wonderful time. Communication was also very good. Thank you Icon Fest!

    October 2019