The IAWRT Documentary Awards celebrate outstanding documentaries made by women about women and are open to all female producers, directors and journalists working with radio, television, web and film documentaries anywhere in the world.

The documentaries must be about women who are making a difference, on their own lives or on the lives of other women. Entries must be between 20 and 90 minutes long for Film/TV, 15 – 60 minutes for Radio and at least 15 min for webcast documentaries, and must have been aired, shown at a competitive festival or uploaded on the web between October 4th 2015 and October 2nd 2017.

Only women producers/directors are eligible to apply.

The award categories for 2017 not format specific, so radio, video, television, or any form of online journalism are all considered. The three categories are named after long serving IAWRT members who were leaders and innovators in their respective media fields during their lifetimes, and have since passed away:

The Social Impact Award – the Laila Doss Award: The project may feature female protagonists piloting groundbreaking responses to systemic gender oppression or alternatively the media project may have the potential to shift policy, change attitudes or be used to advance dialogue, education and awareness. It is named after Egypt’s first woman broadcaster and first female UN Assistant Secretary General. This award recognizes programs which have the potential to change women's lives.

The Innovation Award – the Mette Janson Award: This section looks for productions which demonstrate innovation in form, story, and or interactivity with the general public and is named after the founder of the IAWRT Awards, a documentary maker who caused uproar in Norway with a 1969 series on sex and contraception and was a leader in reporting gender perspectives in the media.

The Emerging Talent Award the Jai Chandiram Award: This award is open to students and/or first time documentary makers and looks to award emergent filmmakers who are taking risks and bringing new and fresh perspectives to diverse publics. The Award is named after the former deputy director general of Doordarshan (all India TV) and a media teacher and academic.

Entries will be assessed by an international jury of IAWRT members and the winners will be announced at the Annual Gala Dinner asscoiated with the IAWRT Biennial Conference in The Philippines, November 9-11.

Any enquiries may be directed to the coordinator, Arshiya Ashsan,

IAWRT International Documentary Awards 2017 proudly accepts entries via, the world's best online submission platform.

Entry forms should be sent electronically and electronic formats for all media are preferred. For queries, See, Rules and Terms section below.

DVD/CD entries will only be accepted in exceptional cases and must be received no later than October 2nd, 2017. For more details,

IAWRT New Awards 2017 -- season one winners.

The Social Impact Award (Laila Doss Award): The potential for this work to change women's lives

The Innovation Award (Mette Janson Award): Demonstrates innovation in form, story, and or interactivity with publics.

The Emerging Talent Award (Jai Chandiram Award): This award is open to students and/or first time documentary makers