The Houston Horror Film Festival was created by an independent filmmaker and horror fan to recognize and showcase true independent horror.

We strive to cultivate a respected festival whose goal will be to showcase and celebrate the films and filmmakers! Filmmakers who attend will get the opportunity to meet and network with other filmmakers through of variety of events. We'll arrange for Q&A sessions with interested filmmakers after screenings.

Film selections will be made by a selection committee comprised of individuals involved independent filmmaking or the genre. The goal in selected our line up will be to provide our guests with a group of films that are diverse in subject matter, have compelling stories, and that showcase the creativity and passion present in the indie horror film scene today.

Awards will be given out during our Awards Ceremony. The categories include:

Best Feature Film
Best Short Film
Best Director (Feature)
Best Director (Short)
Best Actor (Feature)
Best Actress (Feature)
Best Actor (Short)
Best Actress (Short)
Best Supporting Actor (Feature)
Best Supporting Actress (Feature)
Best Screenplay (Feature)
Best Screenplay (Short)
Best Cinematography (Feature)
Best Cinematography (Short)
Best Special Effects (Feature)
Best Special Effects (Short)
Best Screenplay Feature-Non-Produced
Best Screenplay Short-Non-Produced

The Houston Horror Film Festival is open to any film that can reasonable be considered horror and/or any of its sub-genres (slasher, supernatural, psychological, monsters, ect..) from any country. However, if the film is not in English, English subtitles are required.

For the 2022 festival the film must have been completed after January of 2019.

If accepted, the filmmaker may be asked submit two DVD or BluRay copies of the film by the requested date.

By submitting your film, you agree:

That you have ownership and/or permission to submit the film for festival consideration.

That you have full rights to all music used in the film.

That you give Houston Horror Film Festival permission to screen your film at the event and utilize any submitted posters and/or images from the film in our advertising.

That if you choose to attend the festival, transportation and accommodation costs are your own responsibility.

Overall Rating
  • HHFF is part of the Houston Horror Con. So just be aware it is one element of a huge event. Con attendes come in and out of the screening room so it's not like other fests. That said Troy is very passionate about what he does putting on the fest portion. Most important is the crowd are true horror fans and super excited about the movies. Plus they gave us VIP badges to the whole con to check it out. Also enjoyed staying at the place where the fest is. My only suggestion is a more opportunity for filmmakers to meet up and network. Even just a facebook page where we can connect would be great.

    July 2022
    Response from festival:

    Thanks for attending guys! We're glad we were able to screen your film in front of an eager and enthusiastic group of horror fans! And thank you for the suggestion; a adding some more opportunities and events specifically for attending fiImmakers is definitely something we will implement going forward.

    Again, thanks!

  • Hudson Franzoni

    This was by far one of my favorite film festivals. You will be surrounded by talented filmmakers, valuable industry-based panels, and a plethora of exciting vendors. It was an honor to win for best unproduced screenplay. Communication is beyond solid and the festival director truly cares about the community of the genre. I would highly suggest going to the event. Thanks again for having me.

    August 2022
  • Amazing and comprehensive festival, unique experience with excellent organization and courteous and helpful staff. It was a huge pleasure to participate

    August 2022
  • I was unable to attend in person, but from social media it seemed like a very successful event. I was honored to have my film screen, but I do wish there could have been more communication/updates/event recap after the weekend for those of us who couldn't make it.

    August 2022
  • Joe Reilly

    Unfortunately I could not attend as had to stay local to my state to take my daughter to a summer camp on that exact weekend, but I followed the event in all the press and postings, and it seemed like a fantastic event. One of the filmmakers even sent me a picture of my screening to a packed room, so clearly they put in work to make this a great festival and got the word out on it!

    I cannot wait to attend in future years when the schedule is open, and very happy with the festival even from afar!

    August 2022