Hope Festival is our annual festival featuring Short Films and Music Videos. We rate the top productions online in the Winter. Top finalists will be included the Awards Presentation for the Great Lakes Christian Film Festival. www.glcff.com

Our first year we will award the top projects in 3 categories $100 each.

Top Music Video $100
Top Short Narrative $100
Top Short Documentary $100

Very Important: No nudity, vulgarity, or themes not suitable to younger audiences will be considered as an official selection. We will select the top 5 films in each category as nominees and award the top films $100 in each category. All projects will be reviewed for content relating to Christian Values. Top projects will be judged in 10 areas, such as creativity, production value, sound, etc. Projects should be faith-based, family friendly, and inspirational. The ultimate goal is to have your projects reach out to people that may have never heard of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We also want to encourage our brothers and sisters in Christ with your projects.

This is our first year creating this online event, for your benefit. We want to give top filmmakers an outlet and accolades to add to their projects. Marketing your films will be easier with a good track record. Your business can also grow with recognition of your talent.

We look forward to being a part of your history.