Spiky and juicy, that is what PUFF is all about - filmmaking at its best ; we show films that make you feel on the edge and tell stories that ignite the senses and your creative juices. We look for brilliant works that defy the status quo on how a story can be told, what kind of story is being told, new ways on how a film can be produced, shown or financed.

Filmmaking as a lifelong passion

We search for filmmakers and writers with a view to honing their craft in filmmaking. We give support to those who have made this their career. We are on the look out for filmmaking in its purest forms, a story well told without a need for big budgets or fancy technologies but filmmakers with determination and courage.

Diversity & women filmmakers

PUFF curates forward looking programs that aim to create discussions and change perspectives, We especially encourage women and people from minority groups to engage in filmmaking to voice out their ideas.

Funding also comes especially hard for these groups, PUFF has been involved in partnerships to raise financing and friends for these filmmakers. Please note that all women filmmakers from the Middle East, Africa and South East Asia countries are eligible for full submission waivers.

​​Experimental Films

PUFF is a rare breed that has the expertise to curate both traditional narrative films and experimental films in one platform. We are also a force and a leader in curating experimental work and we take these innovative programs for exhibitions in HK and China. In 2016, we took three of the official selection of PUFF to show at the Biennale held at the prestigious Central Academy of Fine Arts Museum in Beijing.


Innovator in How Indie Films are Viewed

In 2016 PUFF took a bold step in creating Hong Kong's first dedicated digital on-demand channel for true independent films. This channel had a two year trial period. This means our films will find a new fan base and the exposure will be invaluable for filmmakers who are looking for collaborators in Hong Kong and around the world.

PUFF shows films in 6 categories : Feature Film / Documentary / Animation / New frontier / Short films and Sounds & Original Scores Showcase. For the past 10 years, we have screened more than 350 films from over 24 countries.

Live Audience and Screenings
PUFF is looking to present an exciting program in the coming 2019 / 2020 season. Our screenings will be held at the amazing new state of the art theatre of KINO Eaton Hong Kong. Eaton Workshop is a forward looking supporter of the arts and film in Hong Kong and the United States. Together, we hope to show some pretty outstanding new indie productions from France , Japan , Mexico , Brazil, and our own Hong Kong.

Online Screenings and Awards
PUFF will be 10 years old in 2020 and over the past 10 years, the indie film industry has undergone many transformations. So as a response to these amazing new advancements, will be a new category starting this year. Outstanding low budget feature and short films will have a honourable mention in our press release and opening night event ; and these films will be presented online.

The PUFF Indie Film Awards

One Indie Film Awards are presented to filmmakers who had made outstanding achievements each year.

The winner will be awarded an investment in developing their next feature film project. This project must be over 90 minute in length. The winning team will also have exclusive access to connect with PUFF's over 350 film crews, actors and technicians from around the world.


1. Please submit your film in .MOV or MPEG format in 1080p for the selection process. We do not accept DVDs anymore.

But if you are currently living in Africa, Middle East and South East Asia, a woman filmmaker or from a minority group, please send an email to Submission Office gary@puff-festival.org, and we will accept your format . ( Please note that all women currently living in Africa, the Middle East and South East Asia are eligible for a full fee waiver at any time of the year. )

2. Screening or exhibition copies of your film must be in .MOV or MPEG format of 1080p or 4K quality. Please clearly mark with your film title and number in all correspondents.

3.The Pineapple Underground Film Festival ( "PUFF") will only screen productions finished on digital format. We do not screen from other formats.

4. We accept all film types i.e. narrative, animation, documentary, and in all languages. All films including English language films must have English subtitles. If your film does NOT have English subtitles, then we would NOT screen your film even though your film had been selected by notification.

Please note that over 95% of the audience in Hong Kong is of Cantonese origin and even though English is an official language here, most people in the general public can not fully understand a film spoken in English without English subtitles.

5. All shipping and handling costs to the festival office will be covered by the entrant. Please make sure to indicate "For cultural purposes only, no commercial value" on the shipping/ postal declaration.

6. We encourage selected films for screenings and all entries to be sent to us via a Dropbox account to reduce use of cardboard paper when shipping which is much kinder to the environment. But if your film is a feature film and/or is over 10GB, we recommend you save it in an USB and send it to us.

7. If your film is selected for the competition you will be notified by email. Screening copies of films must be received at least three weeks BEFORE our program announcement and / or festival program press release. If we do not receive your screening copy, then your film will not be included in the program even though your film had been selected by the Festival.

If your original entry copy is of screening quality there is no need to send another copy.

8. The festival will keep all USB and promotional material.

9. The producers and filmmakers grants PUFF the rights to:

a. Exhibit the film in the The Pineapple Underground Film Festival and any pre or post Festival screenings or tours for up to 18 months after the festival;

b. Utilise an excerpt from any film submitted and accepted for promotional purposes and to exhibit the film in a dedicated PUFF channel with a view to promoting the film during and after the Festival; and

c. Reproduce the films that are selected to screen for exhibition, judging (nominated films go out to jury) or for media review purposes only. We encourage the filmmakers to send us a 480P version of their full film so that our judges can view the film multiple times with ease. ( 480P files are too small for any exhibition purposes. )

10. Warrants to the The Pineapple Underground Film Festival ( PUFF) that they have obtained all the necessary permissions to enter this film and that the film does not infringe the rights, including copyright, of any third party.

11. Agree to defend, indemnify and hold harmless The Pineapple Underground Film Festival (PUFF) , its board, judges, sponsors and partners, individually and collectively, from all claims and demands, losses, damages, costs and liabilities relating to any films submitted to this festival.

12. Whilst The Pineapple Underground Film Festival will take due care of USB or film files entered, the Festival will not be responsible for any loss and/or damage to USB or files while they are in the possession of the Festival or any of the venues hosting the Festival or the tour.

13. Films submitted will be considered for awards for all suitable Festival categories. The circumstance may arise that an award will not be given if no film is deemed outstanding in a category. Advertised prizes are subject to change.

14. Films that have been broadcast on television in or currently screening on the Internet are not eligible for consideration for Awards/Prizes in this Festival. If you still wish to submit your film OUT OF COMPETITION, please contact the Festival Director via email at gary@puff-festival.org

15. In the unlikely event the festival is cancelled for any reason fees would be refunded but USB or film files cannot be returned.

16. While we will make every effort to stick to screening times as printed, The Pineapple Underground Film Festival cannot be held accountable for changes to the schedule after schedule is announced.

Thank you very much.

Overall Rating
  • Beatrice Borowiec PISTOLEROS

    Very good festival despite covid19 crisis.
    Consideration and respect to filmmaker's work.
    I recommend it. And special mention to Gina for organization and relationship.

    July 2021
  • Carlo Avventi

    The communication with the festival was very good. I really hope to visit the festival in the future under better circumstance

    October 2020
    Response from festival:

    Carlo, thank you so much for your review. PUFF is operated by a group of volunteers , film critics and academics and curators. So any feedbacks from the filmmakers is our rewards !