The Hollywood Arab Film Festival Foundation is pleased to announce the unveiling of the 2nd edition of the Hollywood Arab Film Festival (HAFF), scheduled in April 2023, as part of the celebration of the Arab Heritage Month, held every year in April.
The Hollywood Arab Film Festival is born right at the heart of Hollywood City, with the aim of providing Arab filmmakers with the opportunity to gather, create and showcase their work. The festival seeks introducing world cinema professionals to the Arab film industry, shedding light on its uniqueness and distinction. It also aims at discussing the challenges facing the industry and ways to develop it.
In recognition of the region’s wealth of the film industry, HAFF aims at creating a platform through which Western audience can directly meet with Arab filmmakers to learn more about their cultural identity and the issues they are facing.
The festival will provide extensive media coverage through a wide range of Western media platforms specialized in the field of cinema, in order to achieve maximum exposure for the participating works of art.
It will also hold a number of activities, including a "festival market" and much more.

يسر مؤسسة مهرجان هوليود للفيلم العربي أن تعلن عن انطلاق الدورة الاولى من (مهرجان هوليود للفيلم العربي ) والمقرر بدء فعالياته في إبريل 2022 وذلك ضمن فعاليات الإحتفال بشهر التراث العربي المقام بالمدينة في إبريل من كل عام.
يهدف المهرجان إلى خلق مساحة جديدة لصناع الأفلام من المنطقة العربية للإلتقاء والتطوير والإبداع. ويسعى إلى تعريف صناع السينما العالمية بصناعة السينما العربية وأوجه تفردها وتميزها ، كما يهدف المهرجان إلى مناقشة التحديات والمشاكل التي تواجهها بالإضافة إلى سبل تطويرها.
ويسعى المهرجان إلى خلق منصة معرفية لتعريف الجمهور الغربي بالسينما العربية وصناعها ، والتعرف منهم مباشرة على قضاياهم وهويتهم الثقافية .
سيوفر المهرجان التغطية الإعلامية عن طريق مجموعة كبيرة من المنصات الإعلامية الغربية والمتخصصة في مجال السينما وذلك لتحقيق أكبر قدر من الإنتشار للأعمال المشاركة. كما سيقيم عدداً من الانشطة تتضمن "سوق للمهرجان" وغير ذلك.

The festival reserves the right to use all materials for promotional purposes and for the Festival Catalogue. During the Festival, selected films will be available in the digital video library, open exclusively to accredited film professionals’ journalists and festival organizations, through HAFF’s own closed-circuit server. By accepting to participate in HAFF, submitters grant permission for their film to be included in the video library, unless otherwise mentioned in the entry form.

Awards Categories: TBA.

How do I submit?
We accept films via FilmFreeway. You must submit officially to be considered. Vimeo screeners are preferred.

Do you accept works-in-progress?
We prefer not to receive works-in-progress. You may submit an unfinished film with notes on missing components, but new cuts are not guaranteed to be viewed after the film has been submitted.

What are the submission requirements?
Completed entry on FilmFreeway.
Digital screener - Vimeo link
What are the requirements to submit?
Films must have been completed in 2020 or 2021.
If selected, films must be available for projection in DCP.
All non-English-language films must have English subtitles.
Submissions must be uploaded and submitted no later than the deadline date to qualify for the respective entry fees.