The Hollywood Arab Film Festival Foundation is delighted to announce the forthcoming unveiling of the 3rd edition of the Hollywood Arab Film Festival (HAFF), scheduled for April 2024, as part of the annual celebration of Arab Heritage Month, observed each year in April.

The Hollywood Arab Film Festival is nestled in the heart of Hollywood City, with the core mission of providing Arab and North African filmmakers a platform to convene, create, and exhibit their artistic works. The festival aspires to introduce global cinema professionals to the Arab film industry, highlighting its distinctiveness and uniqueness. Additionally, it endeavors to engage in discussions surrounding the challenges facing the industry and strategies for its development.

Recognizing the wealth of the region's film industry, HAFF aims to establish a platform through which Western audiences can directly engage with Arab filmmakers to gain insights into their cultural identities and the issues they grapple with.

Strategic Objectives:

1. Build

Strengthen the learning capacities and skills of Arab artists and filmmakers to remain at the forefront of film and art trends.
Foster stronger relationships within the American industry.
Create a central network for knowledge exchange between Arab and American artists.
2. Educate

Educate Western audiences about Arabic film culture by serving as a valuable resource for learning and introducing them to new films, Arab artists, and creators.
3. Advocate

Advocate for Arab filmmakers' work within the American industry.
Seek recognition in the Hollywood film circuit for Arab filmmakers.
Facilitate increased media coverage and secure distribution deals with major Western networks and media outlets for Arab filmmakers.
The festival will ensure comprehensive media coverage across a diverse array of Western media platforms dedicated to the cinematic arts, with the objective of maximizing exposure for the featured artworks. Additionally, a wide range of activities will be organized, including a "festival market" and various other events.

HAFF retains the right to utilize all submitted materials for promotional purposes and inclusion in the Festival Catalogue. Throughout the Festival, selected films will be accessible in the digital video library, exclusively available to accredited film professionals, journalists, and festival organizations, hosted on HAFF's closed-circuit server. By choosing to participate in HAFF, submitters automatically grant permission for their films to be included in the video library, unless explicitly stated otherwise in the entry form.

Awards Categories: TBA.

How do I submit?
We accept films via FilmFreeway. You must submit officially to be considered. Vimeo screeners are preferred.

Do you accept works-in-progress?
We prefer not to receive works-in-progress. You may submit an unfinished film with notes on missing components, but new cuts are not guaranteed to be viewed after the film has been submitted.

What are the submission requirements?
Completed entry on FilmFreeway.
Digital screener - Vimeo link
What are the requirements to submit?
Films must have been completed in 2023 or 2024.
If selected, films must be available for projection in DCP.
All non-English-language films must have English subtitles.
Submissions must be uploaded and submitted no later than the deadline date to qualify for the respective entry fees.