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7pm feature Wally Got Wasted

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7pm Feature film presentation:


Runtime - 100 Minutes


3 friends accidentally kill a bad guy, then screw up getting rid of the body. They are then forced to pretend he is alive as they are chased throughout Los Angeles in one crazy night.


To get Mitch over a bad breakup, his best friend Charlie convinces him to come out with the guys. While Charlie is out getting beer, Mitch answers the door and is greeted by Wally, a man posing as a census taker who is in fact a serial killer about to strike again. In a crazy turn of events, Mitch accidentally stabs Wally before he can strike. Panic stricken and completely freaking out, Mitch, Charlie and their stoner friend Jerry decide to prop Wally up like he is alive in order to get him out of the house and dispose of the body. But things go terribly wrong, and the group ends up getting chased by two dirty cops with Wally as part of their entourage in one crazy night.

Director Bio:
Adam William Ward is up and coming ride or die Director who eats, drinks, and breathes film. Ward wrote, produced, directed and starred in two TV pilots "3 Guys and a Couch" and "Parole Officers", both of which are streaming on Amazon Prime. His work has been shown on Direct TV to Millions of households. "Wally Got Wasted" is his first feature, essentially a studio movie shot on an indie budget.

Produced by Seth Jared Hymes
Produced by Adam William Ward
Written by Seth Jared Hymes & Adam William Ward

Cinematography by Rich Paisley


Adam William Ward as Charlie
Patrick Cavanaugh as Mitch
Aaron Groben as Jerry
James Babson as Wally
Lissa Lauria as Lucy
Ronald Quigley as Scaggs
Andrew Ramaglia as Carson
Caitlin Zambito as Cassandra
Larry Hankin as Karl
Diane Franklin as Emma
Alex Sol as Randal

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930 shorts program

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930pm shorts program:

Career Day
Beautiful Mess
Car Stealers
Bunny Bunny
Detectin' Ep. 4 DICKIN'
Blood Shed
Helen of Troy
Only A Movie!

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