19-20 June

The, is an event that collects movie screenings and opportunities for young film-makers connected to the Hip Hop world through its most varied aspects: from the authors' background, to the soundtrack, to the cinematography, to the themes treated. This means that the festival focuses, passing through all the film genres, on stories written, produced and directed by lovers of this universal culture.
Due the Covid situation we decided to not give up and transform our festival first edition in an interactive online event that is going to be hosted on

The event is going to be a 2 day full of activities (19th and 20th June 2021) that are going to be the conclusion of 2 weeks of online streaming of our selected movies.
Follows the link for the freeticket for the public:

The MOVIES CATEGORIES in competition are:
-Documentary (feature & short)
-Fiction (feature & short)
-Music video
-Best of the web/experimental

Is possible to subscribe on till April 25th 2021

The FESTIVAL PROGRAM will be entirely held in english language and is composed by 4 main virtual rooms, collected in a unique landing page:

1. Festival movies screening (7-20 June 2021)
hosted on a special platform dedicated to the online film festival, the ticket will be free and valid for 2 weeks it will only be necessary to register through the portal.

2. Conferences/workshops live on Facebook and Youtube (19-20 June)
6 the conferences with over 30 guests for 2 days of live 6 hours a day on 19 and 20 June from 14.00; here is the link to the guests present:

3. Online Art exhibition (7-20 June)
Will hold together hip hop photographers and artists from all the world on a unique 3D environment. The digital exhibition section also has over 100 works with 14 artists from 6 countries, for artists' bio:
Here the exhibition trailer:

4. Online Dj sets (7-20 June)
Internationally acclaimed Djs will donate one or two hours of mix that are going to be played on the web radio: . The podcast has 16 Djs from 8 countries for the artists' bio:


Follows the link with all the details included the guests name:

-Hip Hop movie history (14.15-15.45 GMT+1)
What are the movies that showed Hip Hop contents for the first time and allowed the spread of this culture outside of its place of origin? How did the perception of Hip Hop evolve up to dance movies and genre films? A brief historical excursus and analysis of genre filmography. Guests:
-Giulia Chimp (Italy)
-Martha Diaz (USA)
-Veronika Urbonaitė (Lithuania)
-Francois Gautret (France)
-Karim Kouki (Tunisia)

-How to pitch a movie (16.30-18.00 GMT+1)
Present your movie project properly is fundamental: how to make an info-kit? How present it in different situations? How the graphics should look like? How to explain your goal in few minutes? These and many others will be the topics covered in this workshop. Guests:
-Andrea Traina (Italy)
-Giulia Chimp (Italy)
-Bill Bering (Grorenlandia)
-Greta Nordio (Italy)

-Hip Hop and art-education (19:00 – 20:15 GMT+1)
Hip Hop disciplines are more and more used for peer education and informal education in youth centers and schools, let’s discover some case studies through the different Hip Hop disciplines (rap, break dance, graffiti). Guests:
-Axé Project (Brazil – Italy)
-Bgirl Saiko (Italy)
-Bboy Piecez(Canada)
-Kento (Italy)
-Bboy house (USA)

-Award Cerimony (21:15 – 22:15 GMT+1)
Documentary feature & short + Best of the web/experimental

-Hip Hop Entrepreneurship (14.15-15.30 GMT+1)
Hip Hop culture can be experienced on many levels, but there is an undeniable common line that allows those who are part of it of being able to transpose its life principles into all kinds of professionalism, from aesthetics to the working approach. Examples of possible professional evolutions will be presented. The guests are going to be personalities who have established themselves thanks to their Hip Hop background, even outside of this world. Guests:
-Estelle Ebenga Hénot (FR)
-Paul Van Dal (Netherlands)
-MG (Slovakia)
-David ‘Footloose’ Russel’s (UK)
-Rob Schwartz (USA)

-Independent distribution of your project (16.30-18.00 GMT+1)
How to understand the possibilities of self-distribution in the independent cinema world: how to analyze the possibilities of your project; festivals, but which ones? Is the movie theater network the right choice? VOD platforms how to find your way around? These and many others are going to be the questions analyzed during this conference. Guests:
-Yassine El-Idrissi (Morocco)
-Maurizio Ravallese (Italy)
-Valentina Guglielmo (Italy)
-1985 (Italy)
-Direct to digital (Itlay)
-Indiecinema (Iyaly)
-Mad Solution (Egypt)

-Hip Hop cinematography (19:00 – 20:15 GMT+1)
Which are the Hip Hop camera aesthetics standards? Which are the classical shots? What makes a Hip Hop cut? Let’s discuss that with video makers and about. Guests:
-Antoine Schirer (Fance)
-Daniel Zhu (USA)
-Miniboj (Slovakia)

- Award Cerimony (21:15 – 22:15 GMT+1)
Fiction feature & short + music video

Official partnerships:
PRODUCED BY: Baburka Production
SUPPORTED BY: (Netherlands), Golden Sneakers international Hip Hop Festival (Germany), Urban Films Festival (France), The Legits (Slovakia), Wildup crew (Italy), Hollyhood (Germany), Formusictv (Italy), Universal Hip Hop Museum (USA), H20 International Film Festival (USA), Whomagtv (USA), Lithuanian Culture Institute (Italia), Goethe Institut (Italia), With the support of the Embassy and the Consulate General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.
MEDIA PARTNER: Breaking Mission (UK), Battleboxtv (Italy), Premio Alberto Dubito (Italy), Radio Rebel (Italy), Igare Brasil Association (Brazil), Originate (Kenya), HipHopHopera (Italy-UK), Cartello degli indipendenti (Italy), FromHall2Wall (Italy), (IT), Radio Rebel (IT), World Woman DJ, BLocal (IT)

CONTACTS: mail - IG: hiphopcinefest_org - Youtube: HiphopCinefest

The AWARDS that are going to be given at the festival are:

Best feature film
Best feature documentary
Best short documentary
Best short movie
Best videoclip
Best of the web
Best Experimental

Special awards from the public and the jury

The PRIZES are going to be implemented during the next months.
- Original handmade award (for all the categories)
- Networking and projection opportunity for the winners

For the jury comprehension, if the movie language is not: Italian, English, French or Spanish, we require SUBTITLES in Italian or English. For the movies that will be selected that are in language different from Italian are going to be asked the .srt files and the organization is going to provide the movie translation in Italian. This file is going to be gifted at the end of the festival to the filmmaker for possible future uses.

The Festival will not be able to cover travel costs for attending Filmmakers. However can help to find cheap accomodation and with logistical support.

Baburka Production is hereby granted the right to utilize the film submitted and accepted for exhibition at the Festival for promotional purposes (digital, print, broadcast media) for the life of the festival and in all the pre and post festival events.

Submitting your film to Baburka Production - Hip Hop Cine Fest you commit to a public screening of your film. The submitting of the film hereby warrants that the submitter it is authorized to commit the film for screening, and understands and accepts these regulations.
"Commit to public screening" means films may not be withdrawn after acceptance of the invitation to screen.

By submitting to the Hip Hop Cine Fest Rome, you indemnify Baburka Production from and against any and all claims, liabilities, losses, damages, and expenses (including but not limited to attorney's fees, and costs of the court) which may be incurred by reason of any claim involving copyright, trademark, credits, publicity, screening, and loss of or damage to the screening videos entered.

We do Not return presentation materials (USBs or thumb/hard drives).

Overall Rating
  • Awesome film festival, it was an honor to be a part of it

    August 2021
  • Karina Astrup

    Such a great specialty Festival that really fills a need! It was awesome to be part of this years curation! Well run, great team putting it together!

    July 2021
  • Daniela Cono

    Congratulations for the event, amazing projects and debates, thank you so much for these days of real cinema and Hip Hop, it's been a real pleasure to be part of it...Cant wait for next year! A big hug to everybody and big up!!! Dany

    July 2021
  • Kateryna Tiurina

    Thank you for this fantastic event for this cinema holiday:)
    I like it so much, big hugs from Kyiv

    July 2021
  • It was very great... Thank you so much to the whole festival HipHopCineFest team.

    June 2021
    Response from festival:

    thank to you for the partecipation :)