Hallucinations Collectives promotes a different kind of cinema. We want to show pieces of work that are rare, strange, weird, bold, sometimes disturbing, always surprising. In one word, whatever their genre are : films that are different from the mainstream production, in one way or another. Wether it is a weird love story, a old school horror flick or an experimental essay : any work able to surprise and stimule the audience' intelect and curiosity is welcome !

Two honorific prizes are awarded for shorts : one by the audience and one by a students jury.

The selection committee is made up of the festival 5 shorts programmers.
Two prizes are awarded : one by the audience, the other one by a students jury.
They are honorific prizes.
However, the selected shorts' directors will enjoy a pass for every screening during the festival, if they are attending.

The competition is open to international films, produced in 2022, 2023 or 2024, and under 40 minutes in length.

If the film is selected, the contributor commits themself to providing a DCP, a Prores or a 1080p digital video file.

Any short that is strangely bold, fantastic, magical, trash, weird, dirty-funny, experimental, gory, scary, abstract or gloomy is admitted.

In a spirit of curiosity and open-mindedness, we do not want to narrow the selection. This is why we allow yourselves to be the judge of wether your film could fit with Hallucinations Collectives artistic line or not.

The selection committee is not due to justify its choices.

The festival does not pay any screening fee for shorts in competition.

Films submission deadline: Februrary, 1st, 2024

Films are to be submitted through filmfreeway.com.

The spoken language has to be English or French, or there must be English or French subtitles.

Participation implies the unreserved acceptance of this regulation.

The screening of a selected film can not be canceled by the claimant.

Results will be announced on March 6th, 2024.

The following items are then to be sent:

Technical informations
Subtitles or dialog list

Screening format is DCP (sent at the expenses of the person responsible, sent back at the festival expenses).

If the chosen screening material is electronic file, the contributor commits him/herself to providing a 1080p resolution. If not, a selected film could be disqualified.
In case of selection, the festival will provide information at a later date on the required encoding characteristics.
The contributor commits themself to provide a file matching the required encoding characteristics.

In case of selection, the screening material must arrive at the festival office before 8th March, 2024. If not, the selection could be canceled.

Travel costs and accommodation of the participants will not be provided by the festival. However, the selected shorts' directors will enjoy a pass for every screening during the festival, if they are attending.

The festival will not purchase any insurance for the loss, the theft or the damage of the selected films' copies, whether during their carriage, storage or screening.

The director, the producer or the person in charge commit themselves to owning the music rights, the film rights and the text rights of the works appearing in the selected film. Otherwise, the festival's liability could not be upheld.

Any dispute concerning this regulation and its interpretation should be held before Lyon Tribunal de Grande Instance.