The MPAH Haiti Movie Awards and Film Festival has been created by the Motion Picture Association of Haiti, Inc and is dedicated to showcase and promote the work of the Haitian Filmmakers. We are dedicated to supporting evolving filmmakers by providing a forum to showcase their artistic vision.The festival offers audiences first-hand access to the filmmakers and filmmaking process during the Q&A sessions with the Director and talent following every screening.

1st Prize Trophy + $1000 + Distribution deal through HaitiFlix Platform

2nd Prize Trophy + $500 + Distribution deal through HaitiFlix Platform


1. Only work that was displayed in theaters or released on DVD between January 2013- December 2014 inclusively will be accepted for the 2015 Awards.

2. beyond credits, no film submitted must contain any commercials or materials that have no relevance to the film. Any film found to contain any form of advertorial shall automatically be disqualified

3. filmmakers must ensure that the movie submitted is of good picture and audio quality. Any film found to be sub-standard in any of these areas would automatically be disqualified. Clarity of picture is of essence

4. if the filmmaker or practitioner entering the film is not the copyright owner, he/she must submit a letter of consent to enter the film from the copyright owner

5. MPAH reserves the right to use 3-5 minutes extract of the submitted films for promotional purposes

6. the decision of the MPAH College of Screeners as concerns entries and the decision of the jury shall be final

7. the nominees for each category will be announced during the MPAH nomination event on April 27, 2015. We will also send a notification email

8. all those sending in entries must note that:

a. as a submitter, he/she has the authority and capacity to submit the film and materials to MPAH Haiti Movie Awards
b. that MPAH shall not be held liable or responsible in any manner whatsoever for any loss or damage of whatsoever type or nature incurred as a result of the submission of the films and materials

9. work should be in one of this category: Feature film (45 mins or longer), short film or documentary(less than 50 mins)

10. Please email us head shot and bio of actors and directors and press kit including Posters, postcards, Video clip, Trailers at

11. Movie must be in spoken Creole or French or English or with English subtitles.

12.For your movie to be considered it has to be directed by a Haitian Director and the main character(s) of the movie must be Haitian(s).