The Ha Ha Harvest Comedy Festival Returns for its 6th Year with an Exciting Fusion of Comedy and Film

The Ha Ha Harvest Comedy Festival is back for our sixth year with the return of films!

As part of our screenwriting competition, the top three selected scripts will be treated to a live table read featuring our talented comedic performers. It's a chance for writers to witness their words come to life in a hilarious and dynamic setting. This is an incredible opportunity for aspiring screenwriters to showcase their talents and connect with industry professionals.

The Ha Ha Harvest Comedy and Film Festival is a true cornucopia of entertainment, featuring a delightful array of comedy shows and short film blocks. Taking place over the post-Thanksgiving weekend, this festival promises an unforgettable experience at iconic venues across Portland.

Comedic performers and filmmakers alike will have the chance to network, attend insightful panels, and indulge in non-stop laughter throughout the entire weekend. It's the perfect platform to connect with like-minded individuals, forge new collaborations, and celebrate the art of comedy and film.

Join us for an extraordinary weekend of laughter, creativity, and camaraderie. Submit your comedy films or screenplays to the Ha Ha Harvest Comedy Festival through FilmFreeway today!

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We look forward to receiving your submissions and welcoming you to the Ha Ha Harvest Comedy Festival!

Best of Fest: One film will win Best of fest and receive a certificate.

Best Screenplay: The top 3 judged selections will be read at a live table read by comedians. The audience will choose the winner.
Winning screenplay will receive a recording of the reading.

Films must be original work.

Foreign language entries must contain English subtitles.

The filmmaker gives permission for Ha Ha Harvest to use images and footage of their film for the purposes of promoting Ha Ha Harvest events and marketing materials.

Submitting your film to Ha Ha Harvest does not mean your film will be selected for screening at Ha Ha Harvest events. Only selected films are screened in the Ha Ha Harvest program.

A final disclaimer. Filmmakers are responsible for any copyrighted material and licencing rights of music within their film. Ha Ha Harvest cannot be held responsible for the promotion and distribution of materials that contain footage or music that does not have the required legal permissions. Films will be deemed disqualified at submission stage if the submitted film does not hold all clearances.

Ha Ha Harvest is under no obligation to screen films that do not satisfy the criteria set above.


Scripts must be written in industry screenplay format. If you don’t know what that is…

Scripts are between 5-15 pages. No more, no less!

Must include a one pitch page.

Submissions can come from anywhere. All scripts have to be in English.​

Material is your own original writing. (Writing teams are permitted) Breach of copyright is not permitted unless prior permission is sought and granted.

Authors of submissions will contain the copyright of their own material and have clearance of music rights.

Entrants cannot approach judging panel enquiring the judging status of their film. Entrants can be immediately disqualified if found to have broken this rule.

Overall Rating
  • So happy our short film was part of this fun lineup.

    January 2024
  • Preston Tompkins

    Avoid this festival at all costs. They show your short film on a tiny TV in the upstairs of a bar and even then they don't download the movies correctly and yell at the filmmakers for asking them to turn the volume up. Oh also they don't pay their comedians and lie about giving them free lodging.

    November 2023